Top 10 Preschool Games Activity That Benefits To Child Development

Children need to play to stay energetic and cheerful throughout the day. The different indoor and outdoor games and activities prove to be stress-busting for them. Even the best preschools in India encourage the children to play and engage in different games. 

The best play schools invent and introduce different games to the children at preschool level. Various things like age group, hobby cultivation, physical endurance, etc. are taken into consideration while encouraging the children to engage in these games. In this article, we will look at the top 10 preschool games and activities that can lead to the overall development of your child! 

Top Preschool Games & Activities

These are the top preschool games/activities that are essential for the overall development of your child:

  1. Pretend Play Games 

As a parent, you can encourage your child to engage in pretend play games. They can play various roles such as doctor, engineer, fire fighter, army men, etc. while playing these games. It develops their social and emotional intelligence. They learn to communicate in groups and take active participation in different activities. You can use different costumes and accessories to increase the fun while your child indulges in different pretend play activities. 

  1. Storytelling 

Communication plays an essential role in a child’s development. When your children learn to communicate in the preschool years, it helps them in their future learning process. They can ask queries and questions to teachers without any inhibitions. 

Storytelling is such an activity that can boost the communication skills of your child. Similarly, reading also boosts their confidence and public-speaking skills. You can ask them to learn their favourite stories by-heart and narrate them in front of some people. 

  1. Playdough 

Playdough is a compound that children can use for modelling different figures and shapes. Introducing playdough in the preschool years develops the motor skills of your child. It boosts their creativity and trains their small muscle groups. 

You can ask your child to mould the playdough to create ice cream, snake, and other creatures and objects that fascinates it. Such activities play a major role in the development of your child’s brain and intelligence. 

  1. Sack Racing 

Sack racing is another fun activity for children of all age groups. However, when it comes to preschool children, it is better to make them race on softer surfaces like lawn. It builds their overall strength. The stretching of their arms and legs leads to faster development of bones and muscles. It also develops their motor skills. 

  1. Kitchen Drummer 

Some games and activities can help you develop your child’s hobbies and interests. Kitchen Drummer is one such game that is both fun and exciting for the toddlers. For this game, you just have to use the kitchen utensils like pots, bowls, etc. and use wooden sticks to use them as drums. 

When your child learns to beat the drumsticks, it will try to create some unique and funny music. It also increases your child’s motor skills as it learns to use fingers and hands in the right way to create different types of sound. Learning the basics of music in the early years develops the creative skills of children. 

  1. Animal Noises 

These days, children learn a lot through Television and smartphones. You can show Discovery and National Geographic channels to your child. Ask it to focus on different types of grunts and noises made by different animals. You can also ask them to mimic the noise made by these animals. 

For example, you can ask them to show how an elephant trumpets or how a donkey bleats. As the children start grasping different animal sounds, you can play a video and ask them to identify the sound without looking at the video. Activities and fun games like these develop the concentration and observing skills of your child. 

  1. Washing cars 

A preschool child cannot wash an entire car but they can certainly wash a part of it. For instance, if your car’s door is dirty, you can teach your child how to clean it. Activities like these show the importance of cleanliness. 

The children learn to maintain the cleanliness of their belongings as well. As the child observes your washing your bikes and cars, they learn how to use water, soap, and other accessories. It also builds their physical strength and helps them learn the art of cleaning things. If you are too worried about your cars, you can ask them to wash their non-electronic toys. 

  1. Hide and Seek 

Hide and Seek might seem to be a simple and outdated game. Yet, it has a very positive effect on a child’s mind. It helps build spatial awareness among children. When your preschool child plays this game, it develops its problem-solving abilities. The child assesses all the possible outcomes and places to search for you. It also builds their agility and helps them to overcome difficult situations in the future. 

  1. Blocks and Jigsaws 

Blocks and jigsaws can be the perfect games to improve your child’s logical reasoning. It also helps children learn about colours, shapes, and sizes. Blocks and jigsaws of various shapes and sizes are easily available in the market today. You can bring these games by considering their age and intellect. By playing blocks, your child learns to build castles, roads, bridges, and more. It improves the creative skills of children and also develops their cognitive and problem-solving skills. 

  1. Singing and Dancing 

The most simple activities that have a great impact on a child’s mind are dancing and singing. These activities prove to be stress-busting. They will also boost the confidence of your child. You can play their favourite songs and ask them to feel the beat and dance. 

Your child might feel shy at first. However, you can also join and make them comfortable. These activities also improve the bond between you and your child. It also introduces different types of music which eventually helps them uncover their passion for singing and dancing. 

Dancing makes a child strong and flexible. It stretches their ligaments and develops their core strength. They listen to music while dancing. As a result, their coordination and listening skills also improve. Singing strengthens their vocal chords. It makes them feel confident and improves their pronunciation. 

Eventually, you can ask your child to participate in singing and dancing events and competitions. It develops their self-confidence and stops them from feeling nervous before a crowd. All these skills help them in their future endeavours! 


We hope that you now understand the types of games and activities that can develop your child’s mental and physical abilities. The key is choosing different types of indoor, outdoor, and mind games. Get them admission in a best preschool that understands the importance of these games and activities. 

You can simply take them to a park where they can play with other kids. It builds their social skills and helps them to be physically active. Engaging them in sports and activities shapes their overall personality and helps them become more confident as they grow! 

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