Top 20 Yoga Pants for Women in India


Yoga has become an integral part of many people’s lives, promoting physical fitness and mental wellbeing. If you’re passionate about yoga, having the right yoga pants is essential for a comfortable and effective practice. In this article, we will explore the top 20 yoga pants for women available in India, taking into consideration factors like comfort, durability, style, and affordability.


1. Lululemon Align Pant II:

  •     Known for their buttery soft fabric and excellent fit.
  •     Highly recommended for yoga enthusiasts.

2. Nike Yoga Luxe Leggings:

  •     Offers a blend of comfort, style, and performance.
  •     Features a high waistband for extra support.

3. Adidas Believe This HighRise 7/8 Tights:

  •     Provides a snug fit and moisture wicking technology.
  •     Suitable for various yoga poses.

4. Puma Women’s Yogini IDP Tights:

  •     Affordable yet stylish yoga pants.
  •     Perfect for beginners.

5. Reebok Yoga Lux Bold HighRise Tights:

  •     Known for their moisture wicking fabric.
  •     Highrise design for added comfort.

6. Zelocity Rapid Dry Yoga Pants:

  •     Offers excellent moisture management.
  •     Affordable option with a comfortable fit.

7. Under Armour Women’s HeatGear Ankle Crop:

  •     Features HeatGear technology for a cool and dry feel.
  •     Ideal for hot yoga sessions.

8. Fabletics HighWaisted Powerhold Leggings:

  •     Provides great compression and support.
  •     Available in a variety of colors and patterns.

9. Alo Yoga HighWaist Airbrush Leggings:

  •     Known for their sleek design and comfortable fit.
  •     Perfect for both yoga and casual wear.

10. Yogalicious High Waist Ultra Soft Ankle Leggings:

  •      Offers a balance of softness and support.
  •      Affordable option for daily practice.

11. Sweaty Betty Super Sculpt Yoga Leggings:

  •      Sculpting and supportive fabric.
  •      Stylish design for fashion forward yogis.

12. Prana Pillar Leggings:

  •      Eco friendly yoga pants made from sustainable materials.
  •      Provides great stretch and flexibility.

13. Aurique Women’s Seamless Sports Leggings:

  •      Seamless construction for minimal irritation.
  •      Excellent choice for intense yoga sessions.

14. Yogarise HighWaisted Yoga Leggings:

  •      Budgetfriendly option with a flattering fit.
  •      Available in a range of colors.

15. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Yoga Pants:

  •      Basic yet comfortable yoga pants.
  •      Suitable for beginners and occasional yogis.

16. IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets:

  •      Practical design with side pockets.
  •      Ideal for those who like to carry essentials during practice.

17. Alo Yoga Airlift Leggings:

  •      Known for their second skin feel.
  •      Suitable for various yoga styles, including hot yoga.

18. Reebok Women’s HighWaist Leggings:

  •      Affordable and functional yoga pants.
  •      Suitable for everyday use.

19. Fila Women’s Bootcut Yoga Pants:

  •      Bootcut style for a unique look.
  •      Comfortable for a wide range of yoga poses.

20. ASICS Women’s Studio FitSana Seamless Tight:

  •      Seamless construction for ultimate comfort.
  •      Offers good support during yoga practice.


In the world of yoga pants, the “best” choice often depends on individual preferences, body types, and intended activities. Each of the mentioned brands offers unique features that cater to various needs, whether you prioritize comfort, style, sustainability, or performance. Before making a purchase, it’s essential to consider factors such as fabric, fit, and intended use.

Ultimately, the best Gym leggings for women are the ones that make you feel comfortable, confident, and ready to take on your yoga practice or daily activities. It’s worth trying out different brands and styles to find the perfect pair that aligns with your personal preferences. Keep in mind that investing in high-quality yoga pants can contribute to a more enjoyable and effective workout experience while also keeping you stylish and comfortable throughout the day.

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