top beauty youtubers in Indonesia

top beauty youtubers in Indonesia

Top Beauty YouTubers in Indonesia

Top Beauty YouTubers in Indonesia

We all have been there – looking in the mirror and trying everything on the shelf to get the desired looks. Going through countless fashion magazines and catalogs – looking at stunning celebs and wishing to recreate their looks. Before, our immediate response would be to go to a professional makeup artist for our needs. However, now we can have that dreamy complexion at home thanks to top beauty Youtubers who are utilizing the potential of youtube to provide in-depth makeup tutorials, skincare routines, product reviews, recommendations, etc. They even take it a step further by introducing new beauty trends which inspire new fashionable looks and styles. The fashion YouTubers in Indonesia are no different.

The top beauty YouTubers in Indonesia are doing their part in introducing International styles while exposing their fashion to the world. These individuals also help businesses grow in multiple ways. For starters, collaborating on beauty products, representing the brand as ambassadors, or sharing product experiences to convince and convert audiences. 

After consulting with the best influencer marketing agency in Indonesia – responsible for managing relationships with businesses and YouTubers, we have arrived at a list of –

Top Indonesian Beauty YouTubers to Follow in 2023 

Indira Kalista

Indira Kalista is on top of our list as this talented woman from Indonesia has become a nationwide sensation for her makeup tutorials, DIY, beauty hacks, and challenges. She has a loyal fanbase on YouTube that actively engages with her videos. Indira content can help you get that skin and hair of your liking through natural methods. Furthermore, Indonesia’s top beauty YouTuber reviews skin care, nail, haircare, and other products and provides honest opinions. 

Rachel Goddard

Another Top Indonesian beauty influencer with a vibrant personality and charming attitude is here to provide the best fashion, beauty, and Lifestyle content on YouTube. She is Rachel Goddard, and she possesses many qualities that make her different from the rest. Rachel does the research before creating her videos. Furthermore, the Influencer’s delivery is impeccable and easy to understand. 

Rachel started her YouTube channel in 2014 and has continued to provide entertaining and informative videos to her millions of subscribers. She is consistent in her uploads. Rachel also kept an open mind to learning and growing in her field.

Tasya Farasiya

A top Indonesian beauty YouTuber of Arab origin is capturing hearts with her mesmerizing makeup, outfit combinations, beauty hacks, and Lifestyle tips. Furthermore, the Influencer does clothing hauls, product unboxing and reviews, makeup challenges, how-to’s, and shopping vlogs. Tasya has featured and many magazines for her accomplishments. She has collaborated with other leading Indonesian beauty YouTubers and endorsed several fashion and beauty brands.

Linda Kayhz

Linda Kayhz’s makeup tutorials, product reviews, and beauty tips, and hex she uploads new videos on her channel every Monday and Thursday. Kayhz has one of the highest engagement rates amongst other top beauty YouTubers in Indonesia. She also does product unboxing, reviews, and comparisons. The Indonesian beauty YouTuber’s comments are filled with her fans’ appreciation and gratitude, which motivates Linda to keep producing new videos every week. Learn how to get glowing skin, healthy nails, whiter teeth, and radiant hair by subscribing to Linda’s channel today.

Kiara Leswara

If you want to learn makeup and need a good teacher – don’t worry. Kiara Leswara has got you covered. One of the top beauty YouTubers in Indonesia is proficient in different makeup and beauty techniques. She has created in-depth tutorials on makeup therapy, shopping hauls, before and afters, product reviews, budget buying, and top picks. Kiara takes makeup inspired by celebrities and other popular Influencers. From makeup application and removal, skincare, and hair care to product selection, she has created YouTube series addressing different verticals of makeup and beauty. Furthermore, the Indonesian beauty YouTuber also encourages fitness and wellness in her content.

Sara Ayu

Sara Ayiu is a famous beauty YouTuber from Indonesia, renowned for starting popular makeup trends. She created her YouTube channel in 2014 to share her vast knowledge.

Sara Ayu posts complete face makeup tutorials, DIY, GRWM (Get Ready with me), and beauty vlogs on her channel. She Influencer also recreates celebrity looks on her channel. Sara has something for everyone – from makeup application and removal, makeovers, and Glam styling to eye contour, Grunge mauve makeup, seasonal looks, and lipstick hacks. In her videos, Sara Ayu uses makeup from Popular brands like L’oreal Maybelline, YSL, Nivea, etc. She has collaborated with other top beauty YouTubers in Indonesia. Sara’s reviews on contour palettes, brushes, lipsticks, and other beauty products are very detailed and informative.

Furthermore, Sara has visited many cities. During her travels, she has demonstrated makeup and clothing hauls. 

Irna Dewi

Irna Dewi has built a large community by demonstrating her ability to make makeup look natural. She frequently interacts with her audience to address their queries. Irna posts her complete makeup routines on YouTube. Irna only recommends products that she uses herself. Many national and international brands approach this beauty YouTube to endorse their products and services.

Furthermore, Irna loved to travel and explore different cultures. This inspires her to create looks for other occasions and seasons. You can find celebrity makeup, challenges, cosmetic reviews, and recommendations on Irna Dewi’s channel.