Top Reasons Why Homeowners Will Invest in a Home Warranty 

A home warranty offers a way to avoid unexpected repair costs. The cost of the yearly premium can be offset by preset deductibles for service calls. 

It can also give homeowners peace of mind knowing that their expensive appliances and systems are covered. However, some homeowners wonder if it is worth the investment. 

1. Peace of Mind 

One of the biggest concerns homeowners have once they purchase a home is the worry that they will have to spend money on repairs right away. A home warranty gives homeowners peace of mind that the costs of fixing appliances and systems will be covered. 

Homeowners can have peace of mind that their home systems and appliances are protected for just a few hundred dollars a year. Even more, local service companies contract with the warranty company to come out and fix items if they break down. This means that homeowners can skip the stress of searching for their own favorite repairman. 

Many people invest in home warranties for the peace of mind they offer. However, it’s important to do your research on the different companies and plans that are available before making a decision. For example, homeowners should avoid plans that only cover surface or cosmetic issues. 

2. Coverage for Expensive Repairs 

Many systems and appliances within a home can be expensive to repair or replace. Having a home warranty can provide a financial cushion against unexpected costs. 

New homes typically come with a warranty provided by the builder or manufacturer for a few years. Additionally, most credit cards offer extended warranties for purchases made during remodeling or renovating. Home warranty policies usually include a yearly premium and fees for service calls, which can add up over time. 

A warranty can be a good option for homeowners who do not want to blow their emergency funds on unforeseen repairs and want to keep their money in savings or reserves. It can also make sense for people who are not handy or don’t have the skills to fix things on their own. However, it is important to carefully review the contract describing standard coverage, optional coverage and upgraded items to ensure that a homeowner knows exactly what they are getting. 

3. Increased Home Value 

Homeowners who aim to protect their most significant investment may find it smart to secure a home warranty. But it can also be a great incentive for

Prospective buyers can have peace of mind, knowing they won’t face unexpected repair bills after property purchase.

Builder warranties for new homes typically cover plumbing, electrical, and heating systems for one to five years. The warranty is then transferable to the homeowner for a small fee. 

Various studies have shown that homes with warranties sell faster and at higher prices than those without. A home warranty can enhance a property’s appeal for homeowners planning to sell. It can help to instill confidence in prospective buyers, differentiate the home from the competition, 

simplify negotiations, and increase a buyer’s willingness to pay a higher price for the property. 

4. Coverage for Expensive Appliances 

Home warranties cover costly appliances and systems, offering long-term savings. Their annual fees and service charges are typically lower than repair or replacement costs.

Home warranty companies provide various plans, enabling homeowners to select one tailored to their needs. This includes coverage for a garage door opener, built-in microwave and septic system, among others. 


Many companies incorporate smoke detectors and doorbells into their plans. However, some consider them optional add-ons. Homeowners aiming to upgrade later may find that choosing a provider that excludes certain items can disrupt their financial plans and savings. Hence, it’s crucial to pick a provider with a transparent contract that clearly outlines terms, conditions, and exclusions.

If you are searching for the best home warranty in Maryland, go online and look for reviews, experiences, and feedback from other companies who have benefited from a home warranty.