Unlocking Savings: A Guide to Coupons & Promo Codes

Unlocking Savings: A Guide to Coupons & Promo Codes


In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to stretch their dollar further. Coupons and promo codes offer an easy way to get significant savings on everyday purchases. With the right strategies, you can unlock major discounts on groceries, household items, clothing, and more.

This guide will explore the different types of coupons available, where to find them, and mistakes to avoid. You’ll also learn pro tips for stacking coupons and scoring the best bang for your buck. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be an expert at using coupons to keep more cash in your wallet!

Coupon Types

Not all coupons are created equal. Here are the main varieties you’ll encounter:

Printable Coupons

As the name suggests, these are coupons you print at home from your computer. Brands distribute printable coupons on their websites or apps, third-party coupon sites, and social media. The savings are redeemed at checkout.

Mobile Coupons

A newer option, mobile coupons are delivered via text or app and scanned from your smartphone. This paperless method makes coupons easily accessible.

In-Store Coupons

Found near products or at customer service, in-store coupons offer instant savings when you check out. Simple to use, just hand the coupon to the cashier.

Online Coupons

For online shopping, promo codes provide a discount. Enter the code during checkout on a brand’s website to activate savings.

Finding Coupons

Now that you know the main coupon types, here are prime places to find them:

Newspaper Inserts

The Sunday paper often contains coupon inserts like Redplum and SmartSource. Browse the inserts and clip desired coupons.

Apps and Websites

Coupon apps and sites like Groupon, RetailMeNot, and Coupons.com offer digital and printable coupons. Install an app or browse online.

Social Media

Follow your favorite brands on social media. Brands will frequently post coupon codes on their social channels.

Email Lists

Sign up for brand email lists to receive promo codes right to your inbox. Grocery stores also email digital coupons.

Loyalty Programs

Joining loyalty programs like those at pharmacies and grocery stores provides members-only coupons.

Strategies for Maximizing Savings

To take your couponing to the next level, use these pro tips:

Stack Coupons

Many stores allow “stacking” a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon for mega-savings.

Price Match

If a competitor has an item for less, request a price match along with using your coupons.

Buy in Bulk with Coupons

It’s smart to stock up on non-perishables you use often when you have a high-value coupon.

Timing Your Purchases

Combining coupons with sales is the ultimate way to save. Track sales cycles and hold coupons until the sale hits.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

While coupons unlock savings, beware of these common oversights:

Expired Coupons

Check expiration dates, as most stores won’t accept expired coupons. Mark your calendar for any about to expire.

Coupon Limits

Note any limits on how many of one coupon you can use. Abide by the rules to have your coupons accepted.


Pay attention to items excluded from a coupon’s offer. You won’t save if you try to use a coupon on an excluded product.


As you can see, coupons open up a world of savings. Various types are available in multiple places. With smart strategies and avoiding common mistakes, your dollars will stretch further. Now that you know how to find and maximize coupons, it’s time to put your skills into action!


Are there coupon apps I should get?

Top coupon apps include Ibotta, Coupons.com, Groupon, Dosh, and Shopkick. Download a few to always have coupons handy.

Where can I find promo codes for online shopping?

RetailMeNot and Honey browser extensions automatically apply available promo codes at checkout. You can also find codes on brand websites, email lists, and social media.

How much can I realistically save with coupons?

Regular coupon users save an average of $50 per month. But savings over $100 monthly are possible with diligent couponing!

Can I use a manufacturer coupon and store coupon together?

Yes! Stacking a manufacturer and store coupon is an awesome way tomaximize savings. Just make sure your store allows it.

How do I organize all my coupons?

Get a coupon organizer or binder with sortable pages to neatly file coupons by category or by expiration date. Being organized makes couponing much easier.