Webinar Lead Generation: From Registration to Conversion

This article will aid you in strategizing your webinar promotion plan.

The webinar marketing strategy must be made such that it helps generate leads.

It is becoming very popular to use webinars to generate leads. It helps in maximizing the number of registrants, and the chances of converting them get higher.

The major advantage of webinars is that they enable everyone to contact thousands of people at once, which is a great way to generate huge leads at once.

Hosting a webinar for lead generation is the most common thing among marketers these days.

The webinar is such a tycoon that it has swayed every other marketing strategy that was available way back before the pandemic.

But since COVID has hit, using webinars to generate leads has become the new normal.


In this article, we will learn about the important steps required in the process of conversion.

This article is built for absolute beginners so that it can help those who are hosting a webinar for the very first time.

Step 1: Choose a relevant topic according to the trends

Step 2: Write a good webinar script to encourage engagement

Step 3: Team Building

Step 4: Webinar Promotion and Marketing Stuff

Step 5: Choose a Webinar Platform

Step 6: Feedback

These are the only basic steps that one needs to follow in order to attain success in the field of webinar marketing.

One can alter these steps according to the target audience and add or subtract some of them. Steps 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 are, however, unchangeable.

Step 3 can be skipped by some of the organizers who chose to host a webinar solely.

When you are working alone, you don’t need a team. Henceforth, step 3 can be deleted by those solely hosting webinars.

Step 1 – Choose a relevant topic according to the trends

It has been observed that webinars with catchy headlines increase their chances of getting more registrants.

This is step 1, so we need to focus on getting more registrants, which anyhow will convert into leads, and how this will be possible will be discussed further in steps 4 and 5.

This relevant topic will save you from on-the-day questions from the audience such as “This is so basic; we all knew about this” and “What does this term mean?” “What are you talking about?” or “This is not what I have signed up for.”

Also, it will help you increase your customer retention rate and referral rate. All these minute things help facilitate seamless collaboration with the audience.

Step 2 – Write a good webinar script to encourage engagement

To persuade the people who will join you in the webinar, you need to understand that they have taken out an hour from their valuable time schedule to be a part of the webinar.

You will have to understand their time’s value and give them the highest return.

Then only they will respect the time and energy you have invested in your webinar’s script.

It is a basic give-and-take respect theory that we have been studying since we were all in school.

Therefore, you need to make a good script from which you can make a slideshow or a PowerPoint slide to present it to your audience. It is a fact that people retain information for a long time when they visualize it. Henceforth, help them visualize the information about your brand.

Step 3 – Team building

You may have learned about this in school and also implemented it in your many past projects.

The project must have taught you that “Together Everyone Achieves More”.

The team you recruit will help you implement SMART rules( Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) in your webinar marketing strategy.

You may require a team of 5.

  1. Virtual assistant for the attendees
  2. Marketer 
  3. Finance analyst 
  4. Technical support representative
  5. You – the person hosting the webinar

Once these teams are set, start strategizing and assigning work to each representative to ensure smooth execution.

Step 4 – Webinar Marketing and promotion stuff

Just ask yourself, “Why are you hosting this webinar?

What is the urge to host this webinar?

What if the ideas you have don’t reach your audience?”

Therefore, once you start answering such questions, you will identify your niche and start working towards the goal.

This will help you understand whom to target and how to target them.

Have a good marketing strategy to get better results.

Step 5 – Choose a webinar platform 

Remember to choose the webinar platform that suits you best.

It must have a few features, which include:

  1. Customisation
  2. Analytical report
  3. Recording 
  4. Automation 
  5. Intuitive tools
    1. Q&A Session
    2. Polls 
    3. Panel discussion
    4. Confetti
    5. Chatbot 
    6. Audio and video
  6. Branding 
  7. Ticketing registration 
  8.  Allows 1000+ attendees to join
  9. Data protection and security measures
  10. Conversion-oriented landing page

All these features are important for hosting a good webinar.

You must run through all these features right before your webinar goes live.

Here comes D-day. You must be anxious, nervous, or very excited. All such emotions are completely normal and vary from person to person.

Be confident and keep your video on, and ask your audience to keep the video on throughout the video.

Step 6 – Thankyou & Feedback

After the webinar, try to engage with the audience to keep them in the loop. This increases the chances of conversion.

Feedback will allow you to improvise the way you hosted your webinar and check if there were any flaws that were left undiscovered.


I hope you have understood all the steps thoroughly and are all set to have a successful execution of the webinar.

This will give you enormous confidence later on.

One last tip, only for those who have read this blog till the end.

Record your webinar and start hosting automated webinars to stop all this hassle from happening every time you host a webinar on this particular topic.

This will also help those attendees who couldn’t join the webinar at the scheduled time.

Such webinars are also called on-demand webinars. For more informative posts, follow us!