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What is the difference between a Matchmaker and a Dating Coach?

Matchmaking and Dating are two different sides of the same coin. The main idea is of the brewing of a potential relationship. Both concepts are very much different from the conventional way of getting a partner. Though they work towards the same goal, matchmaking and dating holds slightly different ideas from each other. A matchmaker and a dating coach are very much different from one another. Both have certain goals and objectives in mind while working with a client.

A Matchmaker is someone whose main focus is on finding a suitable, compatible, and long-term commitment for its client that will eventually end up with a Matrimonial alliance. They do not generalize any conceptions and provide their clients with a personalized experience that is totally based on the preferences of the client. Matchmakers can be found working effectively and efficiently in collaboration with Matrimonial sites to get the desired results. They can also be found working individually to have a better sense of client satisfaction.

Before getting into finding a desired match, a matchmaker tends to dwell deep into the personality and choices of client. The focus is on the overall being of an individual and not only on his personality or stability. After getting to know the client thoroughly, a matchmaker sets onto the task of finding a desired, and compatible life partner for the client.

A coach is someone who trains you on how to go about a particular situation. A dating coach is nothing different from that. A dating coach is far away from any matrimonial concept or matrimonial sites. They are just there to help their client in approaching the other person. They basically help them in building and understanding a connection but what goes on after the connection is build up is not any of their concerns. A dating coach generalizes everything. The main focus is on the concept of dating and not on the matrimonial vision.

A dating coach comes into picture when a person wants to start a relationship but is very much confused. He or she is not sure what they want out of a relationship or what is expected from them. Help from a dating coach is sought when a person shows reluctance in having a long term or lifetime commitment. He wants to get someone by his or her side as a partner. A dating coach comes to the rescue when it is the initial stage of interest into someone.

A dating coach helps in the development of some social skills to curb the anxiety or stress of meeting someone. They do not go around finding a potential match for their clients but help them inculcate some skills within themselves by which the client is able to muster up some courage to socialize with people. They approach their desired partner. Focusing on the concept of dating and getting to know each other. They will train you on how to approach a person, starting a conversation, carrying yourself with confidence, and how not to be anxious. A dating coach will help you in developing your behavioural skills and the tendency to approach any stranger. If you’re up for some amusing icebreakers, funny hinge prompts can also spice up your conversations.

Matchmaker works toward providing his client with a long-term, settled, and committed relationship, a dating coach will set up some steps on how to approach or get started with a connection. A matchmaker tends to find a suitable life partner for the client, but a dating coach tends to build up the skills of the client in order to approach the person they are interested in.