What services to expect from a security guard in Johor Bahru?

Johor Bahru(famously known as JB) is the capital of the state of Johor, Malaysia. It is located in the southernmost part of Peninsular Malaysia. Receiving 16 million tourists annually and having over 2.7 million inhabitants makes it the 2nd biggest city and 2nd fast-growing city in Malaysia. The city is connected by two causeways with the neighboring country, Singapore. 

Despite being the 2nd biggest city, Johor Bahru faces serious challenges when it comes to the aspect of crime. For the past few decades, the city has been branded as notorious for its high crime rate. 

Crimes in JB

Common criminal cases in Johor Bahru are snatch theft, car cloning, kidnapping, larceny, and rape. Police authorities work relentlessly to stop crime. Although the crime rate is considered moderate in recent times, citizens approve of the use of private security guards in Johor Bahru.

Responsibilities of Johor Bahru security guards 

People working as security guards in this city are well aware of the risks of crime. The companies hire guards with zero criminal backgrounds and past security experiences. Guards are trained according to the city’s crime diversity.

Responsibilities include perimeter patrol, checking visitors and vehicles, surveillance, providing armed response if needed, securing assets, etc. Although these responsibilities remain the same for all security guards, if needed guards are also assigned to specific duties which may involve the risk of death. Multiple reports come in daily regarding crime. So, security guards must stay vigilant at all times. Below are some challenges security guards face almost regularly.

  1. Access & perimeter control 

Controlling the access points and perimeter is critical while providing security. With growing technology, it is quite easy for robbers and criminals to sabotage CCTV cameras, trip alarms, and any other electronic devices used for the purpose. Security guards have to monitor all the access points physically as well as remotely. Foot patrols are necessary to stop any form of sabotage plans and access control gives the guards a clear idea of crowd management.

  1. Robbery 

Stealing and theft are common criminal activities in Johor Bahru. Even properly dressed individuals are found guilty of stealing. So, security guards must be thorough about searching & frisking visitors. Proper identification and references are asked to provide by the security guards. 

At night, often pedestrians are subjected to lynching and snatching. It falls under the responsibility of security guards to do foot patrols and respond to any suspicious activities. Interference from security guards has been fruitful with the help of police authorities.

  1. Car theft & cloning 

Thieves in the business of car theft generally target cars that are parked outside the premises. During the night, they attempt to unlock cars using various tools at their disposal. It has been reported that in some instances security guards are injured during theft. Growing numbers of criminals in the vicinity prove to be a disadvantage for security.

Car cloning means acquiring VINs of registered vehicles and using them illegally to hide stolen vehicles. Cloning makes it difficult to find stolen vehicles. Sometimes, cloned cars are used for burglary, kidnapping, rape attempts, and snatching because it will be hard for the investigators to find the culprit.

  1. Vandalism of assets 

Another common criminal activity is vandalism. Arsonists and people with criminal intent use this method of crime to damage assets & property. Guards have to patrol constantly to stop the destruction of assets. Assets and vehicles equipped with car alarms and trip sirens generally prove effective but there are times when every precaution is rendered useless.

  1. Trafficking 

Human trafficking remains the top criminal activity in the area. Trafficking with the objective of illegal sexual activities comes with potential danger. Guards who try to intervene are often met with armed resistance resulting in death or severe casualty.

Assistance from the police is expected and they are notified by the guards. But there are instances where criminals operate even against police forces and are often released because of the lack of proper evidence.


Security guards of Johor Bahru go head-to-head with crimes daily. Even with significant disadvantages guards perform their duties to the letter and fend off every crime possible by coordinating with police authorities.