Why a student tracker is a great tool for students and teacher

We have all seen our teachers carrying huge files and registers to mark attendance data, exam scores, admission information, and other data of the students.

They used to mark information manually using a pen and kept these files safe in a place away from anyone’s access. This entire process is tedious and monotonous and has high scope for mistakes. Here’s how a student tracker is a great tool for teachers and students

Tracks Information about Students-

The student tracking system helps the institutes to track all student data and store it in a cloud platform safely. The software enhances data management operations in institutes.

Gives Portal Access to Students and Parents-

The students and parents get login credentials to the student tracking system and they can access the portal at any time of the day. The parents can check students’ attendance and get complete information about their performance in all exams, and get an idea about the subject-wise scores.

It helps the students to understand various things related to their performance, teacher feedback, institute updates, and others.

The student information system enhances communication among the students, teachers, and parents. The students can ask questions and queries easily to the teachers at any time.

Enables Easy Attendance Management-

The student tracking system is a robust tool that helps the institutes automatically track the attendance of all students and faculty members.

It eliminates the need for teachers to spend huge amounts of time tracking the attendance of students manually and collecting the data in sheets and documents.

Gives Accurate Reports-

The reports generated are highly accurate without any risk of data gaps or redundancies. This enables easy operations for the teachers in the institute. It helps the faculty to make data-driven decisions in various aspects of the college, teaching-learning, management, and others.

Improves Data Security-

The student tracking system ensures the security of all the gathered data. The software uses cloud storage for easy access to the data and safe backup.


The student tracking system enhances the operations of the institutes by automating and digitizing all activities. The software offers a robust infrastructure to the students to manage the institute’s operations related to education, management, admission, fee payment, exams, and others. The system can be integrated with other systems and devices. It is easy to use and highly secure.

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