Lookah Unicorn Coil

Why Lookah Unicorn Coil Is The Best Choice For Dabbing?

Vaping and dabbing fans are always looking for new and effective methods to improve their experiences. A well-known company in the sector, Lookah, has been at the forefront of creating innovative smoking accessories and equipment. 

The Lookah Unicorn Coil, one of their most recent inventions, has been causing quite a stir among dab fans. The Lookah Unicorn Coil, created with extreme care and attention to detail, is proof of Lookah’s dedication to revolutionizing the way we use and enjoy concentrates.

This coil elevates dabbing to a whole new level; it is a masterpiece of engineering and design as opposed to just being a regular heating element. 

Due to the outstanding performance, longevity, and adaptability of the Lookah Unicorn Coil, vaping aficionados have paid it a lot of attention and appreciation.

What is Lookah Unicorn Coil?

A professional heating component specially made for dab rigs and e-nails is the Lookah Unicorn Coil. It differs from conventional heating coils because of its distinctive and ground-breaking construction. 

The name of the coil comes from its spiral pattern, which resembles a unicorn’s horn. This unique structure has the vital function to increase the flavor and potency of your concentrates while providing unmatched heating performance.

What distinguishes the Lookah Unicorn Coil as the most fantastic vaporizer among its rivals in the market?

Vaping fans are continually searching for the best gadgets to improve their experience in the ever-changing vaping industry. The main reasons why Lookah Unicron Coil is the best among other vaping devices are as follows:

Construction caliber: 

Lookah Unicorn Coil is built with robust components to ensure lifespan and dependability. It consists of high-quality metals or other durable materials that can survive frequent use.


The performance of the top unicorn coil is remarkable in terms of vapor production, flavor, and smoothness of hits. To maximize your vaping experience, it uses cutting-edge heating technology and provides accurate temperature control.


A versatile vaping device, the Lookah Unicorn Coil, supports different vaping preferences and fashions. It supports a variety of concentrates or has adjustable airflow so you may tailor your experience to your preferences.

Easy to Use

User-friendly equipment makes the vaping process simpler, thus making it accessible to both novice and seasoned users. Lookah Unicorn Coil has simple controls, clear interfaces, and practical features like quick-loading and quick-cleaning mechanisms.

Safety Concerns

To provide a secure vaping experience, the Lookah Unicorn Coil contains security features like overheat prevention, short-circuit protection, and battery safety systems.

Technology and innovation

Lookah Unicorn Coil values innovation and makes use of cutting-edge technology to offer special and improved functions. This involves improved heating components that maximize vapor generation, app connection, Lcd screens, or other features.

Performance and usage of Lookah Unicron Coil

Similar to other e-rigs, the Lookah Unicorn coil is designed to be a portable gadget. It is significantly more compact and easy to handle. Only the battery part and the top component, the percolator/mouthpiece, make up the whole device.

Lookah Unicorn Coil has a slim profile and a low weight even when connected. An internal battery with a 1900mAh capacity makes up the battery component.

On its front, there is only one functioning button. Both automated and manual modes are compatible, but we’ll talk more about that later. Users can see the coil, which is located squarely in the center of the gadget, by removing the top piece.

The set includes two replaceable coil heads with various applications. Ceramic lining surrounds the quartz walls of both coils. The other has a “cup” design, whereas the first has a “hive” design. Each coil, when put in, affects how the Lookah Unicorn Coil will function.

Through the use of the single operational button, users may choose the mode between manual and automated. The apparatus relies on the type of coil set up on it.

The Feel and Appearance of a Lookah Unicorn Coil

The base and the percolator that is set on top of it are the only two major components of the full glass dab setup.

A strong magnetic connection between the two parts attaches the water portion to the battery base. To inform the user that it has been properly attached, it snaps into place and does not move.

When the two halves meet up, the Lookah Unicorn Coil is still portable and lightweight. Users don’t need to handle anything bulky or heavy, they can simply place the mouthpiece to their lips as they would with any other e-rig and inhale properly. 

Because the water portion is entirely made of glass, the device seems lightweight and not too delicate to use repeatedly.

Cleaning your Lookah Unicron Coil

The dab rig requires little upkeep and cleaning for users to get the maximum usage out of it. 

To allow airflow into the portable dab rig and subsequently into the percolator component, the cores will need to be scraped out often. 

The set includes a dab tool. Lookah Unicorn Coil should be cleaned carefully with a cotton swab and a drop of isopropyl alcohol.

Users should wait for the cores to cool off before removing and replacing them. They merely need to cool down for a little while.

Wrap Up!

In conclusion, it is significant to remember that Lookah is a renowned company that creates high-quality vaping products and accessories. 

The Lookah Unicorn Coil provides advantages like improved flavor, effective heating, robustness, compatibility, simplicity in maintenance, and dependable performance. 

The Lookah Unicorn Coil is a key development in the dabbing industry. It is a standout option for fans looking to improve their dabbing experience due to its creative design, effective heating performance, and compatibility.The Lookah Unicorn Coil is here to support you on an exceptional dabbing adventure if you’re ready to maximize the potential of your concentrates.