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Why Should a Person Downsize Now Than Later in Life?

As many seniors reach their age of retirement, the sixties or beyond, they start to realise their house is bigger than their needs. Huge houses require constant efforts by the elderly to take care of them, which can be tiring and cause difficulty. Moreover, such houses demand financial resources for their maintenance. The best solution to these uprising issues is downsizing your house and shifting to a smaller place, moving in with a relative, or into some senior residential community.

Downsizing involves multiple steps, from cleaning, sorting, moving, and eventually repairing to selling the house in some cases. The first step when making a life-changing decision is a big step in itself, and that can be both physically and emotionally overwhelming for senior citizens and their loved ones. This implies a need to look for professionals specializing in providing seniors with downsizing assistance.

Top 6 Benefits of Downsizing

For seniors, downsizing has greater benefits than they can acknowledge. It is an easier and safer lifestyle option with the less emotional stress that results from dealing with all the clutter and mess in gigantic houses. There are many reasons to look forward to hiring senior downsizing services. Some of them are as follows.

  • Minimise Expenses:

Many retirees have limited or fixed finances. They need to utilise the resources for daily expenses and save for unfortunate incidents like healthcare costs, travel, or home repair. Reduced costs can be used for health insurance and other expenses.

  • Easier Lifestyle: 

The lower the number of possessions or items a person has, the lower the amount of maintenance required. This significantly makes a person’s lifestyle more manageable. The extra time saved from such hassles can be spent on hobbies and activities.

  •    One-floor Space:

With increasing age, seniors face limited mobility; hence, moving into a one-floor space can make it easy to navigate without the fear of injuries on staircases, long hallways, or bathrooms.

  •  Healthcare Needs:

Seniors who require more frequent medical care or have chronic conditions may have to consider moving closer to their doctor or an adult day care centre. Alternatively, they may need to find a living space accommodating technical and medical equipment.

  • Updated Facilities:

Moving into a new place usually has better and upgraded facilities that can make your daily routine uncomplicated.

  • Family:

In your later years, you may consider relocating to be near your children, grandchildren, or other relatives who can assist you.

Checklist to Recognize the Need and Time to Downsize

It can be difficult to recognize the need for senior downsizing services when one’s affected by distressed living conditions. Thinking of answers to these simple questions can make one evaluate the need for downsizing assistance for seniors to smooth the life transition.

  • Are there unused rooms in the house?
  •  Do you have the finances to live in the current house for the next ten years or long term?
  • Can you maintain your garden yourself?
  • Would you like to spend your time on recreation and activities rather than housekeeping?
  • Are you experiencing isolation?
  • Is managing your belongings becoming overwhelming due to their abundance?
  • Do you want to give valuable possessions to family members?

If yes, is the answer to many of the questions above, it is time to consider downsizing and making life easier for yourself.

“Cleaning is not a task, not a chore, but a healing mechanism for the mind and soul.” – Reema Singhal

Downsize Home Specialists: A One-stop Solution

The task of decluttering to organise for the move can be exhausting. Due to living in one space for a long time, one may have lots of valuable things that they do not want to but might have to let go. An older adult may not have the stamina to do deep cleaning or perform thorough decluttering of all their possessions independently. They should not feel embarrassed to ask for help due to their current worse living conditions. It is never a bad idea to look for downsizing assistance for seniors as the help from professionals reaches without judgment.

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The Professional downsizing home specialists have a one-stop solution for seniors struggling with maintaining their large houses. They provide senior downsizing services, such as:

1.            Decluttering and deep cleaning:

Hoarding leads to having many unnecessary items at home that need to be discarded or given away. The house requires to be cleaned while prioritising all safety measures.   

2.           Emotional Support:

The specialist assists the seniors in dealing with the trauma and emotions during the downsizing process. They feel less emotional stress, are understood, and may find solace by sharing a story related to a particular house or possession.

3.           Selling the Current Home:

The current home is usually sold before moving into a downsized home.

4.           Finding a New Home or Accommodation:

Downsizing assistance for seniors has a team that helps seniors with finding a basic need home or senior residential community. An older adult is looking for a place with ease to access the fundamental routine necessities, like groceries, hospital, etc.

5.           Temporary Housing:

While the house is getting renovated to be sold, seniors are provided with temporary housing solutions until their new smaller home is ready.

6.           Moving and Packing:

They help to pack the sorted valuable items to move to the new location.

7.           Unpacking:

From arranging the furniture to placing the things on the shelves, senior downsizing services get the place ready to start living.

Take Away

For the betterment of seniors and their loved ones, opting for senior downsizing services is always advisable to enhance your living style. The timely downsizing can significantly improve the quality of life and make daily tasks easier for an older adult. The biggest advantage is that it reduces living costs and helps you invest your money in other hobbies.

At LifeCycle Transitions, our specialists offer the most exceptional downsizing assistance for seniorssince we have extensive experience and expertise in providing optimal services to our clients.