WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

10 Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins

Running your business on an e-commerce platform & looking for the best WooCommerce inventory management plugins to run your business smoothly. There are various management plugins for WooCommerce that help to manage business inventory & other things in a single platform. But the question is— Which are the best inventory management plugins for WooCommerce? If you are thinking the same, spend your 2 minutes reading this article. In this article, we have shared information about the top 10 Woocommerce inventory management plugins for e-commerce. This information for stock management tools was picked by the various references with a better comparison.

So let’s discuss the best stock management plugins for woo commerce, Check the below list.

WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

A list of the best WooCommerce Inventory Management plugins involves:

  • Katana
  • Smart Manager for WooCommerce
  • ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce
  • Stock Manager for WooCommerce
  • Z inventory Manager
  • eSwap
  • WooPOS
  • Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce
  • Orderhive Inventory Management
  • Finale Inventory E-commerce

Let’s have a look briefly at these Woocommerce Inventory Management plugins and find one of the best plugins for your use.

1. Katana

Katana is one of the best plugins to manage WooCommerce inventory. It’s the best option in the market and helps the firm grow and fulfill its requirements.

It helps to organize business from order fulfillment and raw material inventory management to finished goods and sales orders and it also tracks raw material inventory alongside the completed products and keeps in mind you always have everything.

1.1 Key Features of Katana

Live preview to see the changes
Enable infinite scrolling to improve navigation.
To add new goods, orders, and discounts, use the spreadsheet
Drop an email to customers when the order status is changed

1.2 Pricing

Katana is a premium plugin. It’s available on the Katana website and its price starts from $99 per annum & it includes free live chat for one year and email support.

2. Smart Manager for WooCommerce

Smart Manager for WooCommerce is one of the best plugins to manage WooCommerce inventory, it provides users with general inventory tracking and also provides custom products, allows bundling, and sets deals, like coupons.

As well as you can track your business data, like latest orders, total purchases, etc. Store owners can use a sheet editor to manage products by various filters, including SKU (stock-keeping unit), backorder, and price.

2.1 Key Features of Smart Manager for WooCommerce

Reflect the product thumbnail image
Filter products by category, stock status, or stock management.
Look for items by name or SKU.
You can save each product or variation individually.

2.2 Pricing

A free version is available of this plugin and also has a pro version that helps you perform additional functions such as batch update, inline editing of multiple records, duplicate records, and much more & the price of the pro version starts from $149 per annum.

3. ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce

ATUM inventory Management for WooCommerce is one of the best plugins to manage WooCommerce inventory. It’s a WooCommerce advanced stock management plugin, that allows you to manage all of your business products from a single page.
The Dashboard Statistics or the breathtaking Stock Central, the heart of ATUM, allows full control of your WooCommerce stock. Get the ability to quickly edit every aspect of your WooCommerce inventory, suppliers, SKUs, locations, weight, or even prices.

3.1 Key features of ATUM inventory Management for WooCommerce

Easy-to-use interface for easier inventory management.
You can add decimals to the quantities of stock.
Advance search with auto-fill.
Control in-stock, low-stock, and out-of-stock products.

3.2 Pricing

ATUM is a freemium plugin, it comes in both free and premium versions. You can easily get the free version of this plugin from the official WordPress plugin and the price of the Premium version of the plugin starts from $54 per month.

4. Stock Manager for WooCommerce

When looking for the best WooCommerce stock manager plugin, we have another option, it is Stock Manager for WooCommerce. It aids in the management of stock for both basic and varied products. For each product and variation, you may manage stock, stock status, backorders, regular price, sale price, and weight.

4.1 Key Features of Stock Manager for WooCommerce

View your all products catalog in one go. It allows us to set various parameters for each product and their variations like price, weight, stock, etc.
You can filter products by type, category, and stock.
You can find the products by name or SKU (stock-keeping units).

4.2 Pricing

This plugin has a free version and also a pro version whose price starts from $49 per month.

5. Z – WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

Z inventory Manager is one of the best plugins to manage wooCommerce inventory, it is mainly known for monitoring stock level and inventory in real-time.

With the help of this plugin, you can see which of the products need to be restocked. You can also track the sales & purchase orders, which helps you to manage the sales and deliveries.

5.1 Key Features of Z Inventory Manager

Improved inventory control and forecasting/ projection.
Barcoding & Scanning
Improved, Actionable Inventory Analysis
Integration and interfaces

5.2 Pricing

Z Plugin Manager is a freemium plugin. It means a free version of this plugin is easily available on the official WordPress plugin website. Whereas, the premium version price starts from $39 per month.

6. eSwap

eSwap plugin is another option for managing your small business & large business activities. Small businesses can start with the free version, while large businesses can pay to access their needful resources.

This plugin is a powerful inventory, it allows order and shipping management for retailers, and also wholesale for the B2B ordering platform, payments, and mobile apps to take complete control of your business.

6.1 Key features of eSwap

Keep Inventory level 100% accurate with multiple warehouses and locations.
It helps to gain visibility into sales channels, price lists, and profit margins.
Shipping the goods fast and claiming back wasted time and resources.
eSwap works great with marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Shopify,
Walmart, Wayfare, Houz, Bonanza.

6.2 Pricing

A free trial is available for this plugin and its premium version price starts from $99 per month.

7. WooPOS

WooPOS is another best plugin to manage WooCommerce inventory, it helps you run every aspect of your retail business.

Data analytics, sales processing, and employee management from inventory management, Its window-based sale software helps you to manage all locations.

7.1 Key features of WooPOS

Keeps pricing management, product identification and purchase order management, etc.
Helps to import and export the data and allows discount management.
It allows Cash management, credit card payments, and other electronic payments.
Inventory Control, Inventory Optimization, and inventory tracking.

7.2 Pricing

This plugin is very cost-effective, its plan starts from $16 per month.

8. Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce

Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce is also the best plugin to manage WooCommerce inventory, it counts between two stores to manage real-time counts. When someone purchases from one store, it shows on the other inventory.

This plugin helps to import product stock information and import product prices and alter the prices.

8.1 Key Features of Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce

Multi-vendor support
Daily, twice daily, or hourly updates.
Compatible with variable products.
Update only available products and the rest shows 0.
It handles the external file for speed optimization.

8.2 Pricing

A free trial is available for this plugin, and the premium version price starts from $15 per month.

9. Orderhive Inventory Management

Orderhive Inventory Management is the other best plugin for WooCommerce Inventory, this platform offers enterprise-level support but caters to newer businesses and quick growth. It’s very easy to set daily tasks to improve the flow of work for the team.

View, manage, and synchronize your entire inventory across all sales channels, warehouses, FBA, etc. from the whole platform.

9.1 Key Features of Orderhive Inventory Management

Keep Inventory level optimization from time to time.
Take smart purchasing decisions using real-time insights.
Keep online inventory in tandem with the offline.
Helps to rightly determine and track across the supply chain.

9.2 Pricing

Orderhive Inventory Management allows a free trial for the users and the premium version of this plugin is also available which price starts from $15 per month.

10. Finale Inventory E-commerce

Finale Inventory is one of the best and very effective tools that specialize in stock management at all levels, and the eCommerce platform is one of its newest extensions. This is a cloud-based system.

It is a steeper learning curve with some of the high-level and customization features but it’s generally easy to use. It can be one of the most professional in terms of visibility, reach, and customer support.

10.1 Key Features of Finale Inventory

It keeps real-time data, synchronization, receiving labels, recorder management, etc.
It tracks the cost and customizes the reports.
Allows shipping management, and supply management.
It provides real-time analytics, reporting, and updates.

10.2 Pricing

A free trial is available for this plugin, and its premium version price starts from $75 per month for a single user.


So, now you know about the best plugins for WooCommerece inventory management which helps to grow the business and work smartly. We hope you found one of the best plugins for your Business.

You can choose anyone and can start working on it. If you still can’t decide, consider doing some side-by-side comparison of the features to see which plugin stands out for your business growth. All plugins are available at their best price & features.

We are sure this information will help you to choose the best plugin at its best price.

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