15 W, 10 W, 0.5 W T-Bulb B22 LED Bulb  (White, Pack of 3)

15 W, 10 W, 0.5 W T-Bulb B22 LED Bulb  (White, Pack of 3)

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Model Number: 1-10wt1-15w1-0.5wAP3s

Model Name: 1-10wt1-15w1-0.5wAP3s

Voltage: 0.0625

Amperage: 230 A

Sales Package: 10w T 15w 0.5w led bulb combo pack of 3

Material: Polycarbonate

Brand Color: white

Rated Life: 56000 hrs

Filament: led

Lumen Efficacy: 110 lm/W

Bulb Shape: T-Bulb

Shell Type: Aluminium

Suitable for: home office companies parlour

Energy Saving: Yes

Shatter Proof: Yes

Certification: trade mark ragistered

Other Body and Design Features: Aluminium insert body


Width: 5 inch

Height: 18 inch

Depth: 18 inch

Weight: 245 g


Warranty Summary: Replacement or repairing warranty period

Warranty Service Type: Replacement or repair

Covered in Warranty: Manufacturing defacts only

Not Covered in Warranty: Any electrical and physical damage

Domestic Warranty: 1 Year

International Warranty: 1

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