8 Cool Facts About Brisbane You Need to Know

We all love Brisbane! And, what’s not to love about this sunny city with almost all year of sunlight!

There’s no other sunshine city in the world that will give you the adrenaline rush of going outdoors and enjoying an adventurous journey as much as the activities in Brisbane.

The weather is one part of what attracts so many people as well as students to this city. For one, it is much more economical in terms of expenses than other cities. And others, it is the beauty of the place and the people!

As a traveler, you can live on a budget while traveling and exploring the city. There are some good hostels and cheap places to stay in Brisbane. So, if you know how to seek out some of the affordable things to do and a place to stay, then you are good to go!

Most students come to study, work, and reside in Brisbane as it is the most suitable place for them. Being from another country can take a lot of time to adjust on many levels, but when the environment, place, safety, and quality of life are ensured, then it is a green signal! The city is economical and you can seek affordable student accommodation in Brisbane!

So, if you seek to come to Brisbane for your own reasons, check out some of the cool facts that make this place sublime:

How it got its city name

The city has such a strong history over most of the other cities in the country. You must know by now that it had many convicts and formed the city. Nevertheless, on the naming part of the city, it was named after the general himself “Brisbane”.

Sun City

The claim stands very true as it has 300 sunny days. Imagine having such warm weather with a combination of beaches all over the place, that’s marvelous, right? And, that’s not it! You can even experience the best of wildlife in Brisbane. If you are in Brisbane and not going hiking, camping, and bumping into these exotic animals with your friends, then you will miss out!

Artificial beach

No other place in Australia has such offerings! A man-made beach in the inner city is popular among the locals and tourists. On days, when you feel like taking a dip in between work or anything, you do not need to go far. But, you can go and visit the street beach- it is almost like an oasis in the middle of the bust city, with sandy sand, turquoise water, and palm trees for a cool wind breeze!

Home to Koalas

Koalas are a big thing in Brisbane, maybe on days when you are out camping you might spot one! But, a big sanctuary called the Lone Pine is home to over a hundred cute koalas of so many different species. It is not far off from the city center of Brisbane. 

Aboriginal history

Thinking who are the aboriginals? They are the native of this place and the sole owners of Australia. But, today, they are fewer in number with more people coming to stay in the country. This is where the history of Brisbane starts!

City of bridges

In your thought, you must be having many questions about what this means right? You are aware that there is a Brisbane river, can you imagine there are over 15 bridges that cross the bridge, and they are all major ones! Shocking huh!

Inventor of Lamington

Have you tried Lamingtons? If yes, you must be wondering about its simplicity, yet so scrumptious! And, if not, you should try it while in Brisbane. Now, this was invented here as a simple sponge cake, but mistakenly Governor Lamington’s servant dropped it in a chocolate, and to not let it go to waste, he asked them to add coconut to stop making it messy! Even since then, these Lamingtons have been popular all over Australia. 

Home to three of the largest islands in the world

It’s Brisbane after all! It is always full of surprises! Now, three of the world’s islands are also in the city of Brisbane. The first to be mentioned here is Moreton Island, the other is Sandstroke Island which is off the coast of the city.