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Commercial Locksmith in Kent, WA

Security Solutions For Enterprises Commercial Locksmith in Kent WA

A Commercial Locksmith in Kent, WA, needs to know who is entering the building and when they are coming in. This is crucial to keeping your employees and clients safe, both when you are present and when you are not.

Keeping a spare key with a trusted friend or family member is a simple and effective way to avoid lockouts. If this is not possible or convenient, a professional can make new keys on-site.

High-security locks for commercial buildings

The security of valuable merchandise, cash, sensitive information, and state-of-the-art equipment is a major consideration for many commercial businesses. Choosing the right type of lock is crucial to ensuring your business or office can operate with minimal disruption from outsiders.

For example, retail stores need robust front door locking systems to protect merchandise and storefronts after hours, while hospitals. Medical buildings require extensive locking throughout the facility to safeguard patient privacy and secure expensive technology and machinery.

High-security commercial locksmith in Kent, WA, feature a variety of features that discourage lock manipulation tactics such as picking or bumping. These include extra locking systems, rotating pins, and tight tolerances. They are also able to resist drilling and other forms of destructive force.


Commercial Locksmith in Kent, WA

Other types of commercial locksmith in Kent, WA, include maglocks and electromagnetic locks. These systems use magnetic technology to lock. Unlock doors, and they are able to respond to fire alarms by automatically locking in the event of a fire.

Commercial Door Locks

Commercial locksmith in Kent, WA, are more robust and are designed to handle heavier use. Having the right lock system for your business can ameliorate security and provide peace of mind to you and your employees.

You will often find commercial locksmith in Kent, WA, on the exterior doors of businesses, storage spaces, offices, and medical buildings like hospitals.

There are many different kinds of commercial locksmith in Kent, WA, available that vary in price. A more secure and expensive alternative is a mortise lock, which has a pocket in the edge of the door that a deadbolt fits into.Property owners and senior management can simply change the PIN code on a regular basis to limit access to the building.

You may also want to consider a commercial strike lock, which is electric and allows you to enter Majestic Locksmith in via an intercom or doorbell. Lastly, you might choose a magnetic lock for your business.

The best way to determine what kind of commercial lock you need is to consult a security expert. At Security Solutions for Enterprises, our team has years of experience in the industry. Can help you select the right commercial lock for your company.


Commercial-safe locks

Whether you’re protecting cash, inventory, or important documents, your business assets deserve the best protection possible. Our safe locks provide an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized access to your valuables. The type of lock you choose will depend on the level of security you need and your preferences. We’ll work with you to find the perfect solution for your business’s needs.

You may need higher-level security to protect your valuables, or you might prefer the convenience of a keypad lock that eliminates the need for keys and combinations.

Commercial locksmith needs in Kent, WA, differ significantly from those of a residential locksmith in Kent, WA. Businesses contain high-value items and often have a complex network of people coming in and out of the premises. This requires a more specialized security strategy that includes comprehensive solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

The hardware categorized as grade 2 is suitable for mid-range applications. This includes supply closets, offices that don’t contain expensive equipment, and rooms with low amounts of traffic.


Commercial Keys

From profitable merchandise to top-secret documents, your company has a lot to keep safe. Fortunately, we can help. We offer a wide range of locksmith services for businesses, from re-keying to high-security locks for commercial doors. Our team is experienced in installing all types of commercial locksmith in Kent, WA, from simple door locks to sophisticated keyless entry systems.

If your business has a variety of employees with different access needs, consider a restricted key system. These systems allow you to assign access privileges based on job requirements, so that one key opens only one door.

One of the most common causes of commercial locksmithing in Kent, WA, is a lost or stolen key. If this happens, you will need to get new keys as soon as possible.

A locked-out situation can cause serious disruption to your daily business operations. It can also be expensive to replace your locks. This will prevent them from getting copies of your keys from their local hardware store. This can be particularly effective for those who share key access with outside contractors or vendors.