8 RPGs Should Have A Survival Mode

Popular RPGs could be even more fun if they had a survival mode, which would give players a harder time in their favourite world.

Most role-playing games leave players alone while they get lost in the worlds they’ve made. Many games make it easy for the player to build a world that fits their need to explore. They can focus on the main story or get lost in the many side quests.

But many of these games that let RPG fans explore open-worlds tend to leave out a key feature that could help those who want a more realistic experience. Survival mode in role-playing games tells players that they need to eat, drink, and sleep. If they want to stay alive in the often risky environments they are in. Some games already do this, like Skyrim and The Outer Worlds. Where you can choose between different modes, but some games could really use this.


Food can be eaten in Fable, but it only makes your health better and isn’t a necessity. The same could be said about sleeping in the game, which just changes the time of day. So many players have no reason to go back home after their adventures.

If there was a survival mode, many people would have to find water, buy food. And make sure they were close enough to a town to have a place to sleep so they wouldn’t go crazy from lack of sleep. Survival could involve making sure to eat a healthy diet, but some players might find that too boring.


A lot of games like Yakuza: Like a Dragon take place in busy towns, like the Isezaki Ijincho neighbourhood of Yokohama, where it takes place. Even in Yakuza, players can do different things. Like take their friends to Karaoke or spend hours at a vending machine.

So, if they had to go to one of the many restaurants or street food stands in the area. It would make them feel even more like they were living there with the Yakuza. Players could also get more out of this role-playing experience with the help of other features. That could open up other scenarios in the area.

Monster Hunter

Depending on what was cooked, eating in Monster Hunter already gives buffs and benefits. But in future games, this could be taken a step further to make Monster Hunter into a game where you have to survive in the places where these monsters live.

Monster Hunter already lets players make some of the armour and tools they might want to use against the monsters they face. But they can always go back to the main base of operations if the monster gets too strong. Some players might find Monster Hunter even more stressful. If they had to stay in the wild with only the things they craft and collect.

Elden Ring

People who have tried the souls-like game Elden Ring might say that it is already quite hard. Many of the things that make a great survival mode for an RPG are already in this newest version. This is especially clear with the new addition of a crafting menu that lets players make items that will give them an advantage against bosses.

If Elden Ring or a similar game in the future had a “survival mode,” players would have to balance their character’s wants with taking on some of the hardest enemies. This would make the game even harder.

Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk 2077, like in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, players are free to roam around the future city of Night City. Even though the game has changed a lot since it came out in a state that many players wished was better. There are still RPG parts that many players wish were in the game.

Even though the city is big and people have had fun discovering it, V doesn’t have much to do. If there was a survival game, players would be more likely to go to the big shops and other places in the city to get what they need. Not to mention going back to V’s flat, which many players have probably avoided doing since the start of the game.


The role-playing parts of the franchises include more than just taking on the role of Aloy and trying to get the weapons and armour she needs to take on the most dangerous machines. If the game had a real survival mode, players would be more likely to hunt for food and check out nearby camps to keep the ginger main character from getting too tired.

In games like Horizon: Forbidden West, there is already a lot to explore and collect. So adding these things would only make the experience better for players. It would also make Funny Shooter 2 game feel more real, since players would have to live among the dangerous machines.

The Witcher

Many players are surprised to find that they want to live on The Continent after playing as Geralt and discovering the different parts of it. Even though there is trouble in some places and The Witchers have to fight terrible monsters.

A escape mode in a future Witcher title may be just what some players are looking for. Even if it means they won’t be Geralt of Rivia, who is famously popular. In this survival mode, a monster hunter could stop at inns to stay the night while travelling to their next goal. They could also look for food on the road to cook their next meal.


Diablo, which is an action RPG, is another great role-playing game that could use a survival mode. Even though this doesn’t happen in Diablo 4, future games may want to go even further back to the RPG roots of the series by making players eat, drink, and sleep while fighting the many dangerous forces they face.

In between possible hoard battles, when players set up camp to get their bearings. They may cook a hearty meal that not only restores their health but also satisfies their character’s hunger. Even a short break could give them the strength they need to face the risks again.

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