Facts about generator transfer switches by GE Zenith:

How old were you when you started to distinguish between fact and fiction? Now, if you consider yourself fond of facts, let us tell you that we’ve discovered some amazing yet useful facts about the automatic transfer switches by GE Zenith. You might have come across several well-known transfer switch manufacturers who claim to be the sole market leaders in this particular industry. Let us tell you that once you make yourself aware of these super interesting facts about the Zenith transfer switch, you will be able to decide which company you would want to invest in!

Generator transfer switches by GE Zenith 

In your opinion, what do you think is the first, most important thing that a potential customer looks for when they go to buy an electronic item? You guessed it right! We all can agree that the most important thing to notice in an electronic item is the features that the product possesses. So let’s take an insight into the features of Zenith switches. About the amperages, Zenith has a variety of switches whose range starts from 40 Amps and goes up to 3,000 Amps! It is estimated that Zenith’s ATS solutions can complete up to 6,000 cycles, which indicates that these switches could afford ten transfers every month! Isn’t that cool? For external power connections, four switch sizes contain the right cables per pole, which are 1,600, 2,000, 2,600, and 3,000 Amps.

A complete package

It seems difficult to deny that a product’s preference depends on its design. For that reason, Zenith quickly prioritized the generator automatic transfer switch’s design and overall appearance. Once we start telling you about the details, you will be able to understand what exactly we are talking about. To begin with, the ATS contains engine start connections, input or output connectors, a clock program, a backup battery, a network connector, and other controls inside the switch to ensure stable connections. To install the Zenith switch, you must complete the initial energization phase, which supplements the overall process. Furthermore, it also contains the MX150 controller, along with several standard features, including auxiliary contact(s) and a variety of test switches. What else do you need?


In conclusion, if you’re already convinced that GE Zenith has the most affordable and innovative variety of generator transfer switches, do not hesitate to purchase your own Zenith’s automatic generator transfer switch as soon as possible! But where will you buy it from? Allow us to tell you about a highly reliable company called Gen Power USA, which has an amazing variety of Zenith switches. All you need to do is call them at 1-888-819-5646 because that’s how you can avail the best possible services for purchasing such transfer switches. Buy yours right away!

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