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How to Choose the Best Small Group Tour for Your USA Adventure


America is a vast and diverse country with so much to see and do. While independent travel is an option, joining a small group tour can be a fantastic way to experience the USA. Small group tours offer the flexibility of independent travel with the ease of having an expert guide plan your itinerary. They also provide a ready-made travel community to share the journey with. With so many tour companies offering USA trips, how do you find the best small group tour packages in USA to match your travel style? This guide will walk you through what to look for.

Know Your Travel Style 

The first step is identifying the type of travel experience you want. Small group tours range from budget-friendly and casual to luxurious and activity-driven. If you want luxurious hotels and fine dining, look for a high-end company like Abercrombie & Kent. For a focus on activities and outdoor adventures, Intrepid Travel or G Adventures offer camping, hiking and cycling tours. Contiki specializes in tours for 18-30 somethings with a party atmosphere. For a more classic tour visiting top attractions, companies like Trafalgar or Globus are perfect. Knowing your travel style and priorities will help narrow the options.

Evaluate the Itinerary 

Once you have a sense of tour companies that match your style, dive into the detailed itineraries. Look at the balance of destinations, activities, free time, transport methods and included sights. Do you want a whirlwind tour hitting all the highlights or a more immersive trip with time to settle in? Ensure the itinerary aligns with your interests – whether that’s national parks, music scenes, historical sights or food. Look at the variety of experiences too – a good itinerary will have a mix of guided tours, cultural insights, activities, outdoor adventures and free time. You want a well-rounded experience of the destination.

Pay Attention to Group Size

Group size can greatly impact the travel experience. Large groups of 40+ people can feel crowded but offer lower prices. Small groups under 15 give more personal attention and flexibility but come at a higher cost. Look for the tour capacity and average group size. Some companies offer both large group and more intimate departures. Also consider if you’ll be traveling as a couple, family or solo when choosing ideal group size. Larger groups tend to attract more solo travelers while couples and families may prefer smaller groups. If booking as a family, look for companies that offer special family departures. Kids on adult-centric large tours can feel out of place. The right group size can lead to making new friends and traveling as one cohesive group.

Review Your Tour Company

Do some research on the tour operator. Look for companies with extensive USA experience as well as glowing reviews. Check third-party review sites like TrustPilot in addition to reviews on the company’s website which tend to be cherry-picked. Look for consistent praise around knowledgeable guides, well-planned itineraries, quality accommodation, responsive customer service and value for money. Complaints about hidden fees, cancellations, outdated equipment and lack of responsiveness are red flags. Ensure the company is reputable, insured and licensed. Look for sustainable and responsible practices too. A good tour company will enhance your overall travel experience through their expertise and service.

Travel in confidence by selecting the USA small group tour that aligns with your interests, budget and travel style. Use these tips to find a tour that delivers an amazing, hassle-free adventure across the USA. With an expert local guide handling the logistics, you can simply sit back and soak up America’s beauty and diversity from coast to coast. The open road full of iconic sites, big cities, quaint towns, national parks and cultural experiences awaits. Let the USA road trip of your dreams begin!

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Choosing the perfect small group tour is an exciting part of planning your American dream trip. Take the time to evaluate your personal travel style, desired itinerary, ideal group size and tour operator reputation. By following these steps, you can have confidence booking a USA tour that delivers incredible shared experiences and memories to last a lifetime. Happy travels!

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