How to Handle Microsoft Outlook Disconnected?

Microsoft Outlook, a popular email client, is extensively utilized for personal and professional communication. It enables sending and receiving emails with attachments such as files, images, or PDFs. However, users sometimes face difficulties sending and receiving emails, indicating “Microsoft Outlook Says Disconnected.” In these cases, the computer system loses connection with the server or internet. 

This blog delves into possible reasons for disconnection and offers solutions to re-establish your Outlook server connection.

Why Does Microsoft Outlook Showing Disconnected?

Outlook Says disconnected issues can arise from various factors. The most common cause is the absence of an internet connection due to poor connectivity, router issues, or incorrect computer network settings. Another possibility involves improper Microsoft account configuration or a disabled account. Additionally, problems with the Microsoft account, such as hacking or password issues, can lead to disconnection.

Other reasons for Microsoft Outlook disconnected from the server include the following:

  • Incorrect password or username input
  • VPN server downtime
  • Windows Firewall blocking VPN
  • Outdated VPN client usage
  • Improper VPN configuration
  • Antivirus software blocking VPN
  • ISP blocking VPN
  • Exceeding VPN bandwidth limit
  • VPN server overload

Now, let’s explore solutions to fix this issue.

How to Reconnect Microsoft Outlook After Disconnection?

Below are the troubleshooting solutions to address Microsoft Outlook says disconnected issue:

Solution 1: Check Your Internet

That is one of the primary reasons for your Outlook becoming disconnected. When Outlook cannot connect to the internet, it fluctuates and displays a disconnected state. So, it is essential to examine the Internet connection. After verifying and repairing the Internet, reopen Outlook and check for the problem. If Outlook still does not connect, use the online solution.

Solution 2: Restart Your System

Even if you connect to the internet after a restart, load Outlook, and check for a connection problem, the system’s other applications may occasionally interfere with your connection to the server. So to resolve the Outlook says disconnected issue, you should restart your system. After the restart, try to connect Outlook once again. If Outlook is still disconnected, then pursue the next solution. 

Solution 3: Run Outlook in Safe Mode

Launching Outlook in safe mode can assist with Microsoft Outlook connection problems. Safe Mode will prevent interference from other programs and start just Outlook. We will delete the problematic add-ins if Outlook runs in safe mode and remains disconnected. Then, launch Outlook in safe mode and link it using the steps below:

  1. Press Windows + R keys for the Run Command Window.
  2. Type “Outlook.exe/safe” in the Run field and press Enter or OK.

When Outlook opens in safe mode, attempt to connect; if successful, continue working. If not, uninstall the malfunctioning add-ins to resolve the disconnected Microsoft Outlook issue.

  1. Go to the File menu, then select Options on the left.
  2. Choose Add-ins and then click Go.
  3. Afterward, you must deselect all add-ins from the dialogue box.
  4. After unchecking the box, click OK.
  5. Next, ensure that Outlook is communicating with the mail server. If so, return to COM Add-ins and activate one Add-in. Repeat these steps until the defective add-ins interfering with the mail server’s connection are identified.
  6. After locating the error, you may delete it by selecting it in the list and clicking the Remove button.


Outlook says disconnected issues may result from various factors, including poor connection, server issues, or other factors mentioned in this blog. The provided solutions can help address the problem. However, if the issue continues or you need further assistance, contact Email Experts for support. Thank you!

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