Upgrade Your Guest Room with These Best Bedding Options

See how to put together the best guest bedding display to entice your friends and family to visit you again and again. If you enjoy having guests over, you probably already have a warm and inviting guest bedroom set up. But, choosing the right bedding is frequently one of the most difficult aspects of decorating a bedroom! Even though a guest bedroom doesn’t require much, a few easy additions can go a long way in making visitors feel at home but T & A Textiles wholesale bedding make it easy. Giving a visitor the impression that they are staying in a five-star hotel with extra-special bedding could have the unintended consequence of making them never want to leave.

Dress Your Bed in Layers

Some stay hot and only need a sheet and a light comforter or blanket, while some folks have chilly feet and like to pile on the blankets (that’s me!). The trick is to cover your guest bed with layers so that visitors have options and can rest however they feel most comfortable! The guest bed always has both a quilt and a duvet, even though it frequently modifies how layers the various bedding components are.

Keep the Major Players Neutral

The bedding for your guests won’t need replacing for a very long time because it isn’t used as frequently as the bedding for the other rooms in your home. So, it makes sense to spend money on a neutral, high-quality blanket and duvet that you may use for many years. With neutral bedding that complements almost everything, you can easily and affordably alter the season with new pillows!

Make It Simple To Understand Which Way Your Bedding Goes

The majority of guest beds are queen sizes, thus the bedding’s length and width only vary by a few inches. When your guest bed needs to be made and your bedding, such as quilts, that don’t have a distinct top edge, comes out of the washer, it might be challenging to determine which end goes on top rather than one of the sides. This has a quick tip that uses for all of my queen-sized linens, including fitted sheets: just make a little knot with a needle and thread on the inside of one of the bottom corners. You won’t waste time trying to figure out which end is up since you’ll remember to put the knotted thread in that precise bottom corner every time you make the bed after washing the bedding.

Give a Lot of Pillows for Sleeping

To ensure that your guests may select a cushion or pillow combination that is comfortable for them, provide at least four sleeping pillows, preferably with varying degrees of fullness. After placing two pillows in our guest room armoire.

Avoid Using Too Many Decorative Pillows

Even though you and I both adore pillows, you don’t want to pile on too many on the guest bed. It’s completely acceptable for your bed but the decorating zealots must keep in mind that 99% of people aren’t pillow crazy like us and don’t want to have to remove 10 pillows each time they go to bed.

Keep The Necessities Nearby, Such as A USB Outlet, A Clock, And Tissues

Now that your bed is prepared for your visitors, be sure to keep a few nightstand necessities close at hand! One need for visitors is a place where they can plug in their smartphones and leave them on the nightstand without having to do any tricks to get to a concealed outlet. It’s challenging in our guest room! The guest bed’s only outlet is located directly in the middle, behind the headboard, and is therefore completely out of reach.

The solution was to give a lengthy USB cord for visitors so that their cell phones could sit on the nightstand while charging and convert the nearest ordinary outlet by the side of the bed to a combo outlet/USB charger (more on that project here). In the guest bedroom, It also keeps a box of tissues on one of the nightstands. Often have a monogrammed tissue box cover that Also slides over the box’s top to keep it looking nice (even the loveliest tissue boxes are kind of ugly!). Although it’s a small detail, practically all of my guests comment on it.

Last Words

Each of these suggestions is minor and straightforward, but We believe that when combined, they create a warm, comfortable space that our family and friends appreciate while staying with us (and that encourages them to pay us another visit in the future!). It sincerely hopes that you all enjoyed reading this and gained some inspiration for updating your guest bedding before your upcoming visitors arrive.

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