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Top Medical Universities to Study MBBS in China

There are many universities that you can get admission in to study MBBS in China, but it is difficult to find one that suits your needs. To simplify things, we’ve compiled the top 5 universities suitable for you to consider. Please take a look and discover which is the most ideal for you. Each of these schools has excellent facilities and records that speak for themselves.

Top Medical Universities to Study MBBS in China:

Shantou University Medical College (SUMC):

SUMC is located in Shantou, a quiet city near the coast and beaches of Guangdong Province. Most universities to Study MBBS in China have a duration of 6 years.The course runs for five years. Students who take one year must complete an internship. The MBBS degree in China can only be achieved with a year-long work experience, so the course duration is six years. The degree is awarded after six years. The first batches begin in September. Students who wish to apply for admission have to use it by mid-July. After that, they must end the application process, and applicants must wait for another year. The tuition cost to enroll in this MBBS program is 6,186 USD for the year. If any students can perform exceptionally in their 10+2 tests, they can also be awarded scholarships.

The university is split into two campuses, one for classes where students learn about the theories while the other portion where they are taught practical skills. Both campuses are distinct, allowing the university to separate students from different years.

Zhejiang University School of Medicine (ZUSM):

The university is located in one of China’s most well-known tourist spots in China, Hangzhou. The medical school offers students to study MBBS in China. It is a school that is renowned all over the world and has produced the entire world and nation many outstanding doctors. Students must complete six years to obtain the degree they are awarded from this university. The system of distribution follows:

  • 1 Year for pre-med
  • Two years for pre-clinic
  • 3 Years of treatment at a Clinic
  • One year of interning ( under supervision by the Doctors)

Students must pay 6,619 USD a year for tuition fees. Students who are exceptionally skilled and can perform exceptionally well in their 10+2 tests will be award a scholarship through China’s Chinese government.

Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University (SHMC):

The college is an element of Fudan University. Fudan University is one of China’s most renown and oldest colleges, and they have held their status. Similar to the two previous universities, students must commit to a minimum of 6 years for their studies in this college too. Students who plan to pursue internships in China must pass the HSK 5 exam before their first year of training. The college will help you find the best hospital for you and offer you the position as a medical intern. HSK 5 is an examination that teaches students to communicate with patients effectively. Students are taught, and only then can they take the exam. They have their hospitals, too:

  • Huadong Hospital
  • Eye and ENT Hospital
  • Shanghai Cancer Centre
  • Shanghai Public Health Clinical Centre

Students must pay 11,598 USD for tuition fees. Students may also be eligible for an award or a scholarship base on their academic achievements. There are specific requirements, such as the student should be able to prove they have an undergraduate degree in English before applying to this institution.

Capital Medical University (CMU):

Capital Medical University is situate in the middle of China, Beijing. It is among the top universities around the globe that offers students the latest technology and the most prestigious faculties worldwide. The university is associate with 14 hospitals, and all are available to students to work as interns. CMU is also well-known because of their research to develop Chinese and other medical treatments. Students at CMU also have an opportunity to do internships across 20 countries as part of their exchange student program.

The amount that students must pay per year is 7,732 dollars. This is an excellent value for everything they provide to their students. Students receive the highest quality in medical school with the latest technology on campus and terrific labs.

Jinzhou Medical University (JZMU):

The final college in the list, but not the only medical college to study MBBS in China, Jinzhou Medical University is among the top colleges for MBBS students. Students must commit to 6 years of study at the college to earn their degrees. Students can complete their internship at the hospital affiliate with Liaoning Medical University. The classes begin in September. Students are require to apply by August 1st. The school requires applicants to be mentally and physically healthy when they apply for acceptance. They charge 5,412 USD for the year, which is reasonable considering the number of services they offer. Students who excel in their academics are eligible for grants as well. more read

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