KBC whatsapp Lottery

When asked which lottery they win more often, they say about KBC Whatsapp Lottery

When asked which lottery they win more often, experienced players say they are the most popular. Such lotteries are preferable because they have existed for a very long time and work transparently and honestly, and the winnings in such games are huge. In any case, the answer to the question posed is unequivocal – winning the KBC lottery is real. It should also be noted that everyone who participates in lotteries has a chance to win because it has been repeatedly proven in practice that any purchased ticket can eventually become a winning KBC Company ticket,

Anyone KBC Company lottery participant can get it.

The only obstacle to winning large sums of money in the lottery is the gaming term – “distance”. The indicator characterizes how soon a person can become the owner of a long-awaited victory:

Story – a businessman from the Leningrad region, before buying the same KBC Whatsapp Lottery ticket,

he had several outlets. But after winning the lottery, she decided it was time to radically change her life. Dear Lexus, I bought several apartments in the center. Petersburg and continued to live. Beautiful life True, after 2 years not a penny remained from the earnings, and the fine for which part of his property confiscate, due to the man’s underpayment of taxes, amounted to 4.5 million Rupees. The man said that now he would do everything differently – he collected all the money and flew with his family to live and work in India. True, he did not explain what the other country had to do with his extravagance and stupidity. 5 floors – a builder from Omsk, 2014 – 184 million almost no details know from this story.

The man stayed at home for only a few months, couldn’t believe his luck, and yet when he came to win he asked not to reveal his identity and only said a few words about his plans – to buy a house somewhere. Sea ​​and move the whole family there. These are not the big win in the history of the lottery, but almost nothing know about the Whatsapp lottery winner of more than 180 million. Such people have chosen not to disclose their knowledge, first and last names, and therefore nothing is known about the fate of those who received such a huge award.

If you really win the KBC Whatsapp lottery

Do not invest in apartments in the center of your city. Firstly, it is stereotypical, and secondly, it has long been unprofitable. If you are afraid of work (and this is the best option ). Then it is best to deposit them in a bank and about 10% in a mutual fund. Then a good percentage will charge on the main part covering inflation and this 10% of the earnings. This will allow you to make a good passive income with minimal participation.