Ac repair  services: All you know about AC maintenance 

Elevate Your Comfort with Expert AC Repair Dubai Services. Air conditioning maintenance, including AC repair dubai services is one of the most important things that you can have performed at your home. We always go through the effort of making this clear to our customers, but we want to take the time to discuss it in a blog.

Our Company, named FAJ Technical Service, was established in 2010. It is a UAE based company  that provides services in the maintenance of Ac across the cities located in Dubai , Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. We focus on the International quality of technical services for air conditioning, refrigeration units, domestic & commercial appliances, electrical services, plumbing services, installation services and contract-based services to the industrial field both commercially and domestically In 2020 our company was acclaimed as a Trusted Trader endorsement that assisted with the great experience of trust ship with customers along the efficient customer care service. 

 This in-depth guide will provide everything you need to know about AC repair and even prevent the need for repairs in the first place

Benefits of AC Repair

Timely AC repair is a must if you want to ensure your AC is always performing at its best. AC repair has the following advantages:

Improved Performance

During the summers, decreased cooling is a common AC issue homeowners face. Neglecting AC problems such as refrigerant leaks, clogged filters, iced-up coils, etc., can hamper the efficiency and performance of your system. Your AC may be having trouble achieving the desired temperature due to a variety of problems. A skilled maintenance specialist can help you diagnose said issues and fix them quickly, ensuring that you and your family have a blissful home environment.

Extended Lifespan

Timely repairs can also extend the lifespan of your air conditioner so that you are not stuck looking for a new air conditioner every few years. The average air conditioner lasts around 10-15 years. This number varies based on how diligent you are with timely AC repair and maintenance. Ignoring urgent AC problems that need repair can lead to severe consequences down the road. Minor problems can turn into significant issues as well. An example is refrigerant leaks. If repaired early, refrigerant leaks are not a significant problem. However, if you are unable to fix them for too long, they can put undue stress on your compressor, leading to compressor failure. Frequently, you have to replace a failed compressor. Sometimes, you may need to replace the entire unit. Fixing any problems as soon as possible ensures your AC works at its best for the longest time.

Save Future Cost

Many people neglect AC repairs until the entire system breaks down. Minor problems can accumulate and grow into significant issues which require expensive repair. If your AC needs repair, get it repaired on an urgent basis. If you wait for too long, the problem will get worse, and thus the cost of repairing it will also increase. Eventually, you get in a situation where discarding existing, damaged AC and buying a costly, new air conditioner is the only option.

Higher Resale Value

If you decide to upgrade to a newer air conditioner, you can sell the old one for quite a bit of cash if it is well maintained. Many people prefer to buy second-hand air conditioners as they are cheaper. If you’ve been diligent with your AC repair and maintenance, it will be evident to any prospective buyers. You can negotiate your AC’s excellent performance to get the best deal.

Lower Energy Bills

Air conditioners in need of repair are inefficient and use more electricity than average ones to achieve the desired temperature. For example, an AC with a refrigerant leak needs to work much harder than usual to maintain a comfortable temperature, increasing electricity consumption. Therefore, an increase in utility bills is often considered one of the first signs that something is wrong with your air conditioner. Once you repair your AC, you should notice a decrease in electricity bills.

Economy Maintenance Plan

This plan includes:

  • Minimum required service to maintain the factory warranty.
  • Super Tune-Up and safety inspection.
  • 20℅ discount on repairs on general service of 3 to 5 units of ACs.