Rajasthani Handicrafts and Their Significance in Indian Weddings

Rajasthani Handicrafts have always been known for their integrity and design. They truly reflect the art and culture of Rajasthan, a very beautiful place situated in the northwestern part of India. This state has always been known for its rich culture and heritage. And Rajasthani Handicrafts is something that attracts tourists from all around the world. 

Another main role that these handicrafts play is during Indian Marriages. Indian Weddings are known for their grandeur and opulence, with each region and religion having its unique customs, traditions, and rituals. Rajasthan, the land of kings or we should say the land of art and culture, has a rich cultural heritage as mentioned above and Rajasthani Handicrafts have always been an integral part of Indian weddings. From traditional wedding invitations to bridal trousseaus, Rajasthani Handicrafts play a significant role in making the wedding a memorable and perfect affair. 

The Significance of Rajasthani Handicrafts in Indian Weddings


Rajasthani handicrafts such as block-printed cards, handcrafted envelopes, and silk-screened scrolls are widely used in wedding invitations. These intricate designs and vibrant colors reflect the region’s rich heritage and culture.


Rajasthani handicrafts play a vital role in wedding decorations. From handcrafted torans (decorative hangings) made of beads, mirrors, and fabric, to colorful paper mache figures and lanterns, these handicrafts add a touch of elegance and traditional charm to the wedding d├ęcor.

Bridal Trousseau

Handicrafts of Rajasthan are an essential part of the bridal trousseau. The intricate embroidery, mirror work, and block prints of Rajasthani textiles such as bandhani (tie and dye), leheriya (zig-zag pattern), and Sanganeri (floral prints) are highly prized and are used in making bridal outfits and accessories.

Gift Items

Rajasthani handicrafts make for great wedding gifts, and they are often exchanged between the bride’s and groom’s families as a token of love and appreciation. These gifts can range from handcrafted jewelry boxes and embroidered bags to intricate Rajasthani paintings and sculptures.

Traditional Customs

Several traditional customs in Rajasthani weddings involve the use of handicrafts. For instance, during the Haldi ceremony, a traditional paste made of turmeric and sandalwood is applied to the bride and groom’s bodies using a handcrafted silver bowl called a Bhaat. Similarly, during the Mehndi ceremony, intricate henna designs are applied to the bride’s hands and feet using a handcrafted cone.

Wedding Favors

These handicrafts are often given as wedding favors to the guests. Also, these can include handcrafted keychains, clay pots with intricate designs, and small paintings or sculptures.


Rajasthan is known for its traditional jewelry making, and it is an essential part of the bridal trousseau. The intricate designs of Rajasthani jewelry, such as Kundan, Meenakari, and Jadau, are highly valued and add a royal touch to the bride’s attire.


Traditional Rajasthani footwear, such as jutti and mojari, is often worn by the bride and groom during the wedding ceremonies. Also, these handcrafted shoes are adorned with intricate embroidery and mirrorwork.

Wedding Accessories

Rajasthani handicrafts are also used to decorate wedding accessories such as the bride’s bangles, hair accessories, and hand fans.

Handicraft Workshops

Many couples now incorporate handicraft workshops into their wedding festivities. Also, these workshops are conducted by local artisans, who teach guests how to make traditional Rajasthani handicrafts such as block prints, mirror work, and embroidery.

In addition, to add a traditional touch to an Indian wedding, handicrafts also support the local artisans and craftsmen of Rajasthan. Also, the handicrafts industry in Rajasthan is a widespread industry as there are around 6 lakh artisans working in various small-scale industries. Thus, Indian wedding provides a very significant income to these artisans and help them promote their art form. 


Rajasthani handicrafts have always been an integral part of Indian weddings, and their significance cannot be overstated. From invitations to decorations, bridal trousseaus to gift items, these handicrafts add a touch of traditional charm and elegance to the wedding festivities. Moreover, handicrafts are now available in online mode. Just search for Rajasthani Handicrafts Online. In addition, the use of handicrafts also supports local artisans and helps preserve the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan.

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