Cost of Living London

Some Ideas About the Cost of Living in London for International Students

It will not be wrong to say that London is one of the most mesmerizing cities in the world. It is one of the top global cities, and plenty of people want to settle in London or spend some years of their lives in London.

London is also a hub for international students. Many students from all over the world like to get university education in London. Degrees and diplomas they acquire from here are recognized in every part of the world. The quality of education in London is popular across the globe. 

Students who are enrolled in London, applied for enrollment here, or are planning to apply need to know certain things about this city. One of the major things they need to know is the cost of living. Below, you will get some ideas about the cost of living in London for you as an international student.

Cost of Student Accommodation

The first thing you are required to know is the cost of accommodation for students in London since you need to book accommodation before everything else.

If you are willing to book accommodation in university halls in London then you can get it at the lowest rent of £200/week. The highest-priced accommodation in the university halls is available at £339.22/week.

Besides, if you are willing to book accommodation in a private student housing complex then you can get it at the lowest price of £206/week. The highest-priced student housing available in these complexes is £1,560/month.

Apart from these two, some private apartments are also available in London, which also students can book. Lowest-priced accommodation in private apartments can be booked at £165/week. You can get accommodation in a private apartment at the highest price of £3132/month.

These are some common prices but you may probably find accommodations at lower and higher prices than the above-mentioned ones.

You can find student accommodation London easily nowadays with the help of websites and mobile apps of student accommodation service platforms. You can know and compare the prices and other details of multiple accommodations in London on such platforms.

Costs of Groceries

Groceries are the items that are used in your daily life. So, here, you will read about their prices.

You can buy 1 liter of regular milk at £1.28 in London. Five hundred grams of a loaf of fresh bread can be found here at £1.35. If you like to consume rice then you can get 1 kg of white rice at £2.04. You can get 1 kg of local cheese at £6.95.

In fruits, you can get 1 kg of apples at £1.99. Bananas (1 kg) can be bought at £1.16. You can buy 1 kg of oranges at £1.98.

In vegetables, 1 kg of tomatoes can be bought at £2.84 in London. You can buy 1 kg of potatoes at £1.09. Onions (1 kg) are available at £1.10.

Prices of Meals in Restaurants in London

You can get a meal for yourself in an inexpensive restaurant in London at £19.74. If you like to go to the restaurant with a friend then you can get a meal for two people in a midrange restaurant at £80. McMeal at McDonalds or an equivalent combo meal can be got at £8. You can buy a 0.33-liter bottle of Coke/Pepsi at £1.96.

Transportation Costs

A one-way ticket for local transport in London is available at £2.80. You can buy a monthly pass at £166.93 here. The taxi fare for one kilometer is £1.80.

Prices of Clothing and Shoes

While living in London, you can buy 1 pair of jeans (Levis 501 or similar) at £78.11. One summer dress in a chain store like Zara, H&M, etc. can be acquired at £35.42.

One pair of midrange Nike Running Shoes are available at £76.02. Besides, one pair of men’s leather business shoes can be bought at £95.66. Office shoes for women can be acquired at as low as £29.99 and as high as £54.31.

Final Words

The above-mentioned ones are the tentative prices of different items and services in London. Some of the prices may be changed after some time.