Tasty Vodka-Based Cocktails You Can Whip Up This Christmas

Tasty Vodka-Based Cocktails You Can Whip Up This Christmas

Vodka shots are fairly common in house parties. But we’re talking about Christmas. The festive season is all about cosying up near the fireplace, opening gift wraps, and whipping up delicious and pretty-looking cocktails for guests and family members alike. 

That’s right! Vodka shots are too wild for Christmas, so check out a few vodka-based cocktail recipes here. And instead of gifting wine or champagne, you can get a vodka gift pack for a loved one. But first, read this post to learn more about delicious vodka-based cocktail recipes that can be made with vodka and some basic kitchen ingredients. 

#1 A Peppermint Martini 

Let’s talk about a crowd-pleaser! That’s right – peppermint martinis are a big hit among girls and boys. This martini is minty, fresh, and creamy. And what about the concoction? Well, you combine chocolate liqueur with peppermint schnapps. This Christmas cocktail looks prettier when you have some accessories on the glass. 

We promise your guests and family members will remember this cocktail every Christmas, but we can do something new next time! And, of course, make sure you get quality vodka for this. The original vodka would be best for this quick cocktail recipe. 

#2 Christmas Mule 

The best drink to have on Christmas is the Moscow Mule. The sweet and tart flavor is blissful. All you need is cranberry juice, vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer. You can make the cocktail easily if you’ve got these in your bar. 

Ensure you have tons of ice in the glass and pour this concoction over the drink. The cocktail is highly satisfying, and guests will ask for more. Spruce it up with a good quantity of vodka so everyone gets a good hit. 

#3 Peppermint White Russian 

Christmas arrives during the winter season. And, of course, you need someone to snuggle up with in the cold weather. How about snuggling with a cocktail glass or a Russian? Don’t get the wrong ideas! Peppermint White Russian is the perfect beverage for Christmas. You only need vodka, peppermint schnapps, milk or heavy cream, and Kahlua. 

Get a lowball glass to serve this up. We promise this drink will knock the socks off of all your guests. It is the most delicious drink we’ve tried. And Kahlua and vodka are the perfect combination. 

#4 Pomegranate Cosmo Is So Christmas-y 

We believe you can go beyond cranberry Cosmo. It’s the usual, and you find it in any bar near you. But a pomegranate Cosmo is very Christmas-y and delicious. The sweet and tart drink tastes beautiful when you pour vodka, pomegranate, and orange liqueur. 

Pomegranate juice can be prepared at home, or you can get the readymade one from the store. But make sure you are preparing it fresh, then the seeds should be discarded. 

Add a bit of syrup and lemon juice to spruce it up a bit. 

#5 Pear and Lemon Martini 

Do you want to try something different this Christmas? How about trying a pear and lemon martini? It is fresh, delicious, and great for winter. The delicate and sweet flavor will bowl you over. And the brightness of the pear is refreshing. 

You need the following ingredients for the Pear martini drink – vodka, lemon juice, fresh pear, orange bitters, and simple syrup. 

#6 Santa Vodka Cocktail 

Ho, ho, ho! Are you ready for a Santa cocktail? That’s the tastiest one ever. Every sip of this cocktail will make your Christmas holly and jolly. 

The cocktail is sweet and fruity. The soda bubble will also tickle your buds. You can make this cocktail at home by using grenadine, vodka, Sprite, and cranberry juice. The ingredients are available easily. Taste the vibrant cocktail – it looks like red rubies and tastes bubbly. 

Greet your guests with a HO HO and serve the delicious Santa vodka cocktail. 

#7 Vanilla Cranberry Mimosa 

We love the smell of vanilla, so we brought a recipe that tastes and smells gorgeous. The vanilla cranberry Christmas mimosa has vanilla vodka, sparkling wine, and cranberry juice. 

Cranberries are a bit tart, so you can balance it with some sparkling wine and vanilla vodka. The vanilla will add lots of warmth to the drink too. 

Have you also considered the snacks you wish to serve your guests with this intriguing cocktail? 

Summing Up 

Now that you know about the different kinds of Christmas vodka-based cocktails, make a few for the special occasion. Keeping two to three different variants of cocktails would be a great way to kickstart the party. 

Vodka-based cocktails make everyone happy. And yes, both women and men can enjoy it. So, keep a few flavors to cater to everyone’s drinking requirements.