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What is the word count for CIPD Level 7 assignment?

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Level 3 of CIPD’s Word Count Policy specifies 3000 words +/- 10% for the Consultative Project. The word count of the project must be declared by the apprentice at the time of submission. A project that contains more than 3,300 words will only be assessed up to 3,300 words by CIPD; any words beyond this will not be assessed. The word count of a project should not be penalized or used to determine a fail grade for apprentices who submit projects under 2,700 words.

A word count of 5000 words is set for level 5 of the Consultative Project. The apprentice is required to declare the number of words in their project upon submission. Any words exceeding 5,500 words will not be assessed by CIPD if a project has more than 5,500 words. Having less than 4,500 words in a project shouldn’t result in a Fail grade for the apprentice. Appendices, graphs, tables, and diagrams are allowed and will not be counted as words. Nevertheless, they should not be overused in the project context in a manner that exceeds their intended use.

How does the CIPD Course work?

CIPD promotes human resource competence and effectiveness in different business operations as an autonomous chartered institute. By royal charter, the CIPD operates across the UK since it was founded a century ago. There are currently offices in Asia for the CIPD, which has expanded into other regions. Members of the CIPD must complete CIPD qualifications and be certified by CIPD. Membership type depends on the type of CIPD qualification you have earned.

How does the CIPD work?

For people at different career stages, the CIPD offers three distinct levels of qualification.

Level 7 of the CIPD

CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management and Strategic Learning and Development provides a comprehensive set of knowledge and skills needed to develop and implement innovative and strategic solutions to support organizational growth and performance as a human resources or learning and development professional. CIPD Advanced Diploma Certification requires completion of 4 core modules, 3 specialist units, and 1 optional unit.

The Top Tips for Passing CIPD Assignments

You are not simply required to study concepts and copy them for your assignments in CIPD courses. It is necessary to internalize HR and L&D solutions before you can apply them. By taking multiple classes at once, you’ll be delaying your studies and spending more money.

The quality of your assignments is therefore crucial. The previous level of CIPD training must be successfully completed before progressing to the next. Check out these top tips on how to answer CIPD questions to ensure you score high.

Make your academic side shine

In comparison to other writing styles, academic writing is more formal. Furthermore, it includes citations to other texts, research, and ideas that support the arguments or perspectives you present. No matter how formal the approach is, clear and grammatically correct English must be used. An academic paper is intended to answer the question asked and to expand on the ideas already presented.

Many HR professionals are required to write business reports as part of their practice. We have reached the point where it needs to be written. You might want to explain your essay assignment’s jargon if your readers don’t know it. The acronym should be listed in brackets if it is not widely understood in the first instance. For your views to be adequately supported, you will also need course materials and relevant resources. Academic writing does not accept blogs or other unreferenced sources. In order to find the appropriate content for your assignment and personal consumption, you must use your research skills to read a variety of journal articles.

Incorporate citations into your writing

In order to write a successful assignment, citations and references are essential. Your essay will be more credible if you cite academic journals and articles that provide new information to include in your paper.

Your sources should be cited in-text and included in a reference list according to good academic writing practices.

CIPD assignments require Harvard-style referencing. For this reason, familiarizing yourself with this style as soon as possible will allow you to reduce your workload in the future.

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Keep your word count within the required limits as you write your assignment. Let the writing rest for a few hours once you are satisfied with it. You should review it again after a good rest so that you can see it with fresh eyes. Ensure your punctuation, spelling, and grammatical accuracy are on point, and check your citations and formatting.

You can also ask one of your trusted friends or classmates to review it and evaluate its readability. Then you can submit it if they approve.