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A cricket bat is one of a cricketer’s most valued belongings. You are ecstatic when you get your hands on a CricketBook id cricket bat. You’re also ready to take your cricket bat to the field. However, simply purchasing a new bat and putting a significant amount of money on it is insufficient. If you love cricket, you must also take good care of your bat so that it remains in good shape at all times.


You will also be able to use the bat for many years without compromising its performance. But how precisely are you going to care for the bat so that it performs better? So, here are a few pointers and strategies of CricketBook id to help you take excellent care of your bat.

Oiling the bat: Oiling the bat can produce excellent results. Its surface will remain smooth, and you will find it very easy to put up a good score with the bat. You should strive to oil the bat on a regular basis to reduce the chances of the wood splitting or cracking.

How Do You Take Care of Your Cricket Bat?

However, do not over-oil the bat as the oil particles may be absorbed and the bat’s quality will suffer as a result. After 24 hours, use sandpaper to try and remove the oil content from the bat. This is an excellent approach to care for your bat while also increasing its longevity.

  • Using a mallet for your bat: You can harden the surface of the bat before using it in a game by using a mallet. A mallet can be used to beat your new cricket bat. This will make a dent in the middle of the bat. When you see the dent, try to knock the bat around it until the surface is level again and you are ready to use the bat.
  • You might also try to round off the edges of the bat so that you can utilize it to hit some really good strokes during the game. You should also strike the ball really hard with your bat, as each time you contact the bat with your ball, the surface of the bat will harden.
  • Storing the bat horizontally: It is usually preferable to store the bats horizontally rather than vertically. Also, store the bat somewhere dry and cool.
  • Heat and humidity may do a lot of damage to the bat’s hardwood surface. The bat may also begin to deteriorate over time, which you do not want to happen. As a result, you need always be mindful of storage space. As a result, your bat will be in fantastic condition for many years to come.

And that is how you should care for your cricket bat; for more such tips and tricks, please contact us and we will assist you.

How to Choose the Best Cricket Equipment Bag

Cricket kit bags are essential for handling and transporting cricket safety equipment and gear. When playing cricket, you must wear safety equipment such as helmets, leg guards, footwear, batting gloves, and bats. You put these safety items in kit bags for easy handling the remainder of the time. We offer cricket equipment bags with wheels to ensure that your bags slide smoothly. After you’ve acquired all of the necessary cricket safety equipment, it’s imperative that you transport it safely. This ensures that your safety gear and equipment are not damaged. A cricket kit bag is the finest alternative for transporting safety equipment without causing damage. We offer a wide range of kit bags to our customers while keeping their needs and budgets in mind.

Cricket equipment bags are intended to hold a single bat. However, these bags can sometimes accommodate two or more bats. Many players like to take their cricket safety equipment in a duffel kit bag. There is enough space in such backpacks to store your cricket equipment. Kit bags with side pockets are also available to transport cricket bats. CricketBook id has inexpensive cricket kit bags of the highest quality to transport your cricket equipment. All of the kit bags offered on our website are made by the well-known brand CricketBook id. On our website, we have several collections of cricket kit bags.

Wheeled Blast Kit Bag

CricketBook id Cricket Kit Bag has heavy-duty wheels for simple portability for all of its consumers. This is a full-size kit bag that professional cricketers use to keep all of their cricket needs in one location. We tell all of our customers that this bag is made of high-quality materials to keep cricket equipment safe. This bag has one main compartment and an extra pocket where you may store the bat. You can also store your shoes in the exterior shoe pocket. This cricket kit bag is a superior option for cricketers who want to keep their equipment protected.

Bag Gladiator Wheelie Kit

CricketBook id Cricket Kit Bag is large and durable enough to hold two cricket kits. This bag has enough room to hold two bags. You can keep two bats in the bag, one in the back and one in the main compartment. This backpack also includes a clothing section for carrying your clothes to practice. External pockets on the front of the bag are also available for carrying small medical supplies. This bag has an extra-heavy base with three large sports wheels to help cricketers who need to carry two cricket kits at the same time.

SS MASTER-2000 Kit Bag

MASTER-2000 Kit Bag has one main compartment, one external pocket on the top, and one footwear pocket on the front. Water bottles and medical kits can also be stored inside mesh pockets. This backpack has wide side pockets for carrying leg protection. This bag can hold three bats at the same time.

Bag for Slasher Colt Wheel Kit

Because it has one main compartment and peripheral pockets on both sides and in front, this bag is suitable for professional cricketers.

Duffle Kit Bag VA-900

You can hold four bats at once, with plenty of room for helmets and footwear.


CricketBook id provides the most cost-effective cricket kit bags, allowing cricketers to simply organize their cricket safety gear. You can purchase sturdy kit bags for transporting your cricket equipment.