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5 Key Factors to Consider When Searching for Student Accommodation in Glasgow

Moving out of the family home and your own place is really exciting. The accommodation that you live in is not only where you are going to call home for the next few years and potentially meet some of your best friends. It is also going to teach you about different valuable skills like budgeting, cooking healthy meals, and also managing adult life. The choice of your student accommodation Glasgow can make or break your first-year university experience. We have put together some of the best tips to help you select the room you will love.

Which kind of student accommodation should you pick? 

Having a wide range of choices to pick from can be devastating. Why waste a lot of time scrolling through different types of student accommodation Glasgow options which are not a good fit? It is better to comprehend the different types of off-campus student accommodation to help you effortlessly narrow down your choices and also find the precise kind of student home which is a faultless match for you. There are there main kinds of options which you need to choose from.

  • Studios: If privacy is one of the major concerns and studios are the best option for you. The studios comprise multi-purpose living space which can be either single as well as dual occupancy with an attached bathroom and a kitchen.
  • Ensuites: The right kind of students who like their privacy but still one can enjoy socializing. With the ensuite is equipped with some private bedroom space with an attached private bathroom. The kitchen, as well as the living space, is shared amongst the residents.
  • Non-ensuites: With a cost-effective option for the students, a non-ensuite is furnished with a bedroom that is generally single or shared basis. The bathroom, kitchen, as well as living spaces, will be shared by the residents. You can go for an ensuite or a non-ensuite if you mean to live with your friends.

5 types of factors that you need to consider when searching for student accommodation 

  1. Connectivity: Do not forget that your student room is going to be the place where you will also be studying. So, you need a robust and consistent internet connection. It is important that you research beforehand to find which student accommodation glasgow is best for you. You can connect with your previous year’s student accommodation through social media and know about the residential halls from them.
  • Security: Everyone wants to feel safe in the student accommodation, so before you sign a contract for a room, ensure that security is one of the best priorities. Many student halls will have all the security guards patrolling the grounds. You can ensure that there is a secure fob or keypad entry for the students.
security in student accommodation
  • Getting to the campus: One of the first and essential things to look at when choosing a student accommodation is the location. When you choose a student accommodation, ensure it is located close to the university. So, it is important that you can make it to your classes on time without hurrying. Ensure that you check the distance from the university to better understand how much time you expect it. This can help in saving your cost of living in Glasgow.
  • Activity Areas: While you are at the university, many friends will be living around you. After a long period of time, you can stay relaxed and have some fun. Here are the common areas which are important as you can easily hang out, go for some activities and also play games, etc.
Activity Areas in student accommodation
  • Common areas: When you are at the university, many friends that you make will be from the accommodation block. When you are studying hard, you can easily want to relax. You can take some time to have some fun and also make lasting memories from your time at the university. So, the common areas are essential to consider including the gym, games room, or also an on-site cinema.

Wrapping Up 

The student accommodation market is a big business. The students spend more than $4 billion every year. Many landlords and agencies can compete for a slice of the pie. They generally include ‘freebies’ or other enticements for the students to sign on the agreement. They offer a free Wi-Fi package or reduced summer rent. Some might provide you with new TVs, game consoles, or even shopping vouchers. These might sound like a great deal but do not fall for this gimmick. Landlord adds the cost of the free items onto the annual rent in most cases.