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Reasons and Benefits to Use Compression Stockings to Heal Leg Pain

If your feel continuous pain in your leg, foot, or ankle, you should not ignore it and take the right treatment after consultation with a doctor. There can be many reasons for having pain in the legs. For instance, the most common reason is lesser blood flow in the leg veins. To resolve this issue, you may use compression stocks for varicose veins, which are recommended options for those, who feel pain in their legs due to blood clots or muscle stretch. You should use quality garment-made compression stockings designed for legs. One will find compression stockings for varicose veins at trusted medical products shops in the market.

What are Compression Stockings?

Compression stockings are well-designed hosiery-made socks, which you can wear on your legs to control or improve blood circulation in varicose veins in your legs. These socks exert little pressure on the leg nerve to squeeze its nerves to move blood up in your legs. Thus, it will help increase blood flow in leg cells and prevent conditions like blood clots, swelling, and pain as well.

Using compression stockings for varicose veins of the legs is not as simple as you think so. Hence, one must identify the reasons and precautions associated with compression stockings before using them. Let’s take a look at some significant points to consider before using compression stockings for varicose veins in legs as follows:

Types of Compression Stockings

Before you buy compression stockings or socks for leg veins, you need to identify the right type of compression stockings designed for varicose veins in your legs. There are three types of compression stockings available at the stores such as:

Graduated Compression Stockings

This type of compression stocking remains strongest at the ankle its strength decreases towards the top of the leg. This graduated compression sock is designed to heal swelling and blood flow at the lower leg area or ankle. This sort of stocking should have a professional fitting.

Anti-embolism Stockings

It is another quality compression stocking that is useful in reducing deep vein issues in the legs. This type of sock is good for persons who are not mobile. This sort of stocking may require a doctor’s prescription to use after identifying the level of pain in the deep veins of the legs.

Non-medical Support Hosiery

It is a common type of compression stocking that includes elastic support. This type of stocking is useful in relieving legs of pain, tiredness, and aching. You do not need any prescription to use non-medical support hosiery stockings. It can be available at any pharmacy or non-medical store.

Hence, you need to identify the right type of compression stocking for varicose veins among all the above three types to choose the best one for your need after consulting the doctor or physician.

Check for Compression Levels

You should also identify the level of compression or pressure exerted by the stockings used for leg veins. It depends upon the level of pain or swelling in the lower or upper leg area. You will find compression stockings in different levels that are measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). If you have lower pain in leg veins, you may use stockings with compression levels (15 to 20 mmHg) or mild. Similarly, you should use stockings with levels (20 to 30 mmHg) for moderate pain and (30 to 40 mmHg) for high-level pain. Hence, you need to check the level of compression socks according to the level of pain in your leg.

Socks Length and Style

It is also significant to check with style and length of compression socks that suits your need. You will find these compression socks in half and full lengths that cover from foot and ankles to full knees and thighs. If you have strain or pain in the lower leg or ankle, you should use half-length or below-knee-length compression socks. Besides, people having non-mobility situations might need full-length socks that fit up to their thighs to cover their whole legs. So, you need to consult the doctor to identify the right length and style of compression stocking that fits your legs to give total comfort.

Technique of Putting Compression Stocking

Putting compression stockings or socks on the leg in the right way is also important that you should know first. To know the right technique and timing for wearing compression stocking for Nurses, you should consult a doctor or physician. The medical professionals will let you how to put or stretch compression socks on your leg up to a certain level or height that covers the pain or swelling area on your leg. Also, it is required to know how to stretch or put stockings on the leg that does not give over pain, but remain smooth or soft to the targeted area. Putting extra pressure on the targeted region of the leg may raise the pain, instead of decreasing it. So, it is necessary to know the right technique to wear such compression socks up to the right level on the leg.

Duration of Use

You should also confirm with a doctor about the duration or timings to use compression stockings for varicose veins of the legs. Your doctor may suggest you exact timing or durations of using compression socks as per the level of pain in your leg. Most doctors recommend using such stockings while walking or performing any work from the legs. Thus, it will give support to the leg and heal it from extensive pain while working or performing some activities.

Thus, the above are some significant things to consider before choosing any type of compression stocking for varicose veins of the legs. For more help, you can consult the doctor or physician to diagnose pain in varicose veins and know your suitable type of compression stocking or socks used to treat it.

Benefits of Compression Stocking

Compression stocking has several benefits, those who seek for non-invasive treatment for leg pains, swelling, and non-mobility issues. It is a conservative approach to healing varicose vein issues with ease. Using this method of treatment will benefit in the following ways:

Improves Blood Circulation

The prime benefit of using compression stockings is that it improves blood circulation in varicose veins or nerves to heal continuous pain or swelling in the leg. Stocking gets normal pressure on leg nerves that stimulate blood pressure to flow up which will result in reducing pain in the leg and ankles.

Reduces Pain and Swelling

You will experience a good result in reducing pain and swelling in your leg using compression stockings. It works effectively to produce a good magnetic effect around cells that help in improving blood circulation as well as warming cells to lower pain and swelling.

Support in Pregnancy

Many pregnant ladies get swelling issues in their legs during pregnancy time due to increasing weight or else. In such cases, compression stockings can be a beneficial option to reduce pain and swelling in the legs or ankles of pregnant ladies. But, women should use stockings after consultation with a doctor.

Recovery for Athletes

Many athletes get injured during practice and playing games that give muscle strength and pull in legs. It may give immense pain and swelling to athletes that need good diagnosis and treatment. For normal strength in leg muscles, compression stockings can also work better to relieve athletes. Stocking will provide good warming effecting on injured muscle to improve blood circulation and heals pain soon.

Thus, above are some vital benefits that you can experience by using compression stockings for your legs. If you are looking for compression stockings for nurses, you should approach any of the best medical products shops and get quality compression stockings designed for nurses’ use only. For more details, you can visit the websites of leading medical shops or pharmacies in the industry.